Friday Fictioneers-Renderings of a Bygone Era


Old Cadillac cars stand at attention. An artist’s rendering of a bygone era. Could it be all the spray paint that keeps those relics together?

People with a story to tell spray or paint their masterpieces. Stories of winning, and losing. Of good health and bad. Of dying children and spouses, or being a foot soldier in WWII.

My artwork is shoddy and I can barely draw stick figures. My art would be my words scrawled all over the hood of a car, that by God I’m still here! To hold my dear grandson, and to love yet another day.


100 words/Genre: general fiction

Thanks Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this exercise in discipline. It is a joy to work with you and have you comment on my work. Along with all of my other friends from Friday Fictioneers.

Dear Readers, be sure to check out the other stories found on the little froggy link on Rochelle’s page. Thanks for stopping by.

16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-Renderings of a Bygone Era

    • Dear Rochelle,
      Why yes you’ve caught me. I’m no artist, but yes, it is about me. I’m finding my old spirit again after I thought she was long dead. I think I’ll try another story this week and I’ll do my very best to read what others have written too. It’s only right.

      I’m loving being a grandmother to my sweet two month old grandson, Christopher. He is a shining light in an otherwise murky future.

      Now let me get to writing something of more substance.


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