Fuck the Emptiness That Holds Over You!!!!


Happy ‘Fucking’ Thursday my friends. May it be a good one.

Love, Sparkly Nee

8 thoughts on “Fuck the Emptiness That Holds Over You!!!!

  1. Good morning Renee! Having one of your better days I see 🙂
    And it felt good to let fly with that running around inside. (Mind you, I do feel you let rip just for the reaction, to tell the world you don’t care. But that is a symptom of your malady).
    This means you want change. No more treading water (so to speak), as your rehabilitation has kept you grounded somewhat so you could look inside yourself and not escape that scrutiny by keeping busy with lots of other stuff. Mind you, the puppy would have done that immensely.
    The warm weather is a comin’, and plenty of time to do that change. Have you decided what you want to do, what changes in your life you feel might bring that happiness back.
    As long as you remember that it is in giving to yourself that will make that change. If you feel down, ask yourself what it really is deep down that makes you feel that way. What emotions keep coming to the surface, loneliness, rejection, self worth issues?
    Find the truth in those emotions and it won’t matter what you do any more because you will have found the thing that drives all else. Find you, the true you underneath it all, and you can then do anything. Your tail will wag more than the puppy’s will 🙂
    So breeeeathe, hold the puppy, and ask yourself for your truth. But beware…a clear heart shines all over the place, you then attract like crazy 😀 Namaste

    • The warm weather is coming and so is more change. Time for another surgery to correct my destroyed ankle, but I’m assured that the third one will be the charm. I pray it is, because if it isn’t I’m going to make them cut it off.

      I’m meditating and trying to take it a day at a time. I miss the woman I used to be. I hope someday I’ll find her again.

      • You don’t need to. You have been through much and changed because of it. A new person. Much more compassion, love and understanding when all is finished. You will appreciate everything so much more BECAUSE of what you have gone through Renee.
        Your nearly there, you’ve done most of the hard yards…and a beautiful puppy to look you in the eyes and give you faith each time that little wag of its tail lets you know he loves you unconditionally.
        Breeeeathe…your nearly there. Mark

  2. Ok, the question begs to be asked after reading all of that: “So, you like fucking?”
    (My face isn’t quite red, but needed to diffuse a bit of that ranting anger)
    Was all well-stated though. I knew EXACTLY what you meant to say.
    🙂 Scott

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