Almost Heaven, West Virginia….

This Sparkly Girl slept the sleep of the dead and woke up in West Virginia. It’s as close to Heaven as you can get without being dead. I wrote down my thoughts in little snippets while I was on the road. Thoughts like all Beemer drivers are assholes! I’ve never had so many run ins with them as I have today. WTF is up with that? I don’t know how many there were on the road today but I think they either drove up my ass, swerved in front of me, or drove like a bat out of hell past me. Yeesh.

I thought about Tracy of course. I thought about how much she has inspired me with the pictures that she and her lovely husband have taken. She inspired my story of West Virginia in the Summer Time, The Conversation in the Rain, Sunrise, Coffee and Sanctuary, The Ghost of a Great Love (MY FAVORITE, BTW!!), and Then She Prays. The simple click of her shutter has made my heart sing and bring forth words from my head that I had no idea were in me. She is a published writer, and she knows the rush that I feel. She knows of the elation I feel when I get an idea in my head and want to write about it. I tried not to talk too much about it but I’m in the throes of ecstasy with writing right now.

I wrote every day this week. Longhand of course. My notebook is full of notes and little snippets. We’ll see what stories I come up with in all the little word doodles I made. I’ll give you a little sample of my thoughts on the drive today. It’s mostly music, shitty drivers, and what I spied with my little eye while driving. I’ll only give you a little taste tonight as I’m pretty damn tired.

I’m so glad to be back. Wink, wink.

First Day


Starbucks Dark Roast, five pumps caramel and room for cream and sweet and low, because I didn’t get much sleep. Excited.

Sia on the radio, I am Titanium. Thoughts of youth and Tracy. I wanted to be her when I was young. Beautiful, magnetic personality. and she didn’t take any shit. She was her own woman. Even as a teenager she was.

Munching on cantalope and making silly wishes.

…I’m bullet-proof, fire away, fire away. I am Titanium…

Now P!nk is telling me I’m fucking perfect.

If only I was.

The stick families on rear windshields annoy the shit out of me. Maybe because my kids are all grown up and I can’t have one.

I see scads of rock face on either side of the highway as I travel through hills that will soon become mountains.

See the Cleveland River.

The clouds are like fluffy down comforters. I want to pull them from the sky, wrap myself in them and sleep.

I hear Ramble On by Led Zeppelin. And in the darkest depths or Mordor, I met a girl so fair. That’s where I’m headed to see my fair haired friend. My split apart. It’s been 28 damn years!

I missed the chance to take a picture of the Pennsylvania sign. SHIT!

Asshole in an Audi passes everyone in the far right lane. Why is there never a cop when you need one?

Butterfly Boucher and David Bowie start singing about Changes. Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes. Turn and face the strange changes.

(Cont’d tomorrow, this girl is spent, night.)

18 thoughts on “Almost Heaven, West Virginia….

    What a great post …..
    so Glad u had funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    i love all the music refs !
    so cute 🙂
    Night MM
    glad u are back xoxoxoxxo
    C is for Punkin ………xo

  2. My brother lived out there until just recently. He drove a BMW, and as much as I love him, he’s a total asshole!! haha Also, I hate those stick families. But I can’t justify my reason. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Good morning sweetie. I’ll post more in a little while. I wrote a story at a toll booth yesterday, about a couple in an SUV. I’ll put that up this morning. I’m sorry your brother is an asshole. We don’t get to pick our siblings do we? Hmmmmmm. Have a great day sweetheart.

  3. Lol. Sounds like you’re having a good time in my great state. It is a nice place to find rest in. This was fun to read. 🙂

    • It’s beautiful here honey. It’s like Up North Michigan with taller mountains. There will be more thoughts going up at the end of my first full day in WV. So, so glad I made the trip. 🙂

  4. I can totally concur with the fact that Beemer drivers are total asshats. After a little over a million miles I’ve come across quite a few of them. I even was one for a few weeks. It’s like the car possesses the driver or something.
    Sounds like a wonderful start to a great trip! Enjoy!

  5. Yay!
    Road Trip!!
    I cant wait to read the rest of your posts, sounds like great fun 🙂
    I would like to say though that as a BMW driver myself I do hope people don’t think i’m an asshole 😦
    Nice to see you back Renee 🙂

  6. ” Okay so not all BMW drivers are assholes. You certainly are. ” ??? 😦
    I hope that one got lost in translation Renee 🙂
    It’s my pleasure, glad you are enjoying it

  7. Referring to all our run-ins with Beemers and the monkeys behind their wheels. Here is my solution and it works, believe me. Fit one of those ‘Vehicle Class Speed Limit’ signs in your rear window (80 km/h). Then when anyone starts to tail gate you, take your foot of the accelerator. And as you slow down so they will have too. Eventually as they pass muttering all sorts of nasties, blow them a kiss – regardless of sex or colour. Should a traffic officer stop you and say it is illegal, tell them that your vehicle is over 9000 kg. and turn up some of that heavy metal stuff. Just for a by-line, flash all on coming vehicle that there is a speed trap ahead, when there isn’t. Watching their brake lights in your rear mirror. Courteous drivers will flash you back and then the traffic behind you will also slow down so you can enjoy the ride.

    • Oh Stelios I love suggestion. It’s fabulous! I’m one of those silly women that flips off other stupid drivers. But I may just have to start blowing kisses. You do attract my flies with honey than you do vinegar. Giggle.

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