Thoughts at a Toll Booth on I-76

I’m at the end of my route on I-76. Finally. I’m waiting to pay another fucking toll. Shit, this is expensive. I look into my rear view mirror and I see a big SUV behind me. I see a couple. The woman is driving, and the husband sits ย in the passenger seat. She is bitching up a storm at him. She looks like an aging Jersey Girl. He looks like a Guido. He starts bitching back. I see there are kids in the back seat of the Audi SUV. I think to myself, STFU with the screaming and posturing in front of your kids. WTF???

The wife keeps screaming and waving her arms everywhere. The husband looks like he wants to cut and run, the fuck away from her. Preferably down the exit ramp we just passed. I wonder if she knows how miserable she makes him. I seriously don’t think she would care though. She probably feels like he stole her youth. Her life. Her passion. He looks out the passenger side window. She stops bitching, leans her elbow on the driver side door and leans her head into her hand. Husband has the toll ticket in his hand and hands it off to her. She takes it, not even looking at him.

They drive an expensive vehicle. Her hands are adorned with fancy rings, but material possessions won’t keep you warm at night. Unless of course it’s a blanket. And even then it doesn’t whisper they love you in the night. It doesn’t cuddle in close and make you feel safe. It is only an expensive blanket. Such is the life of those with material possessions and no love.

It’s all a guess of course. Every picture tells a story. Even a mental picture seen through my eyes and my rear view mirror, at a toll booth on I-76.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts at a Toll Booth on I-76

  1. Great story Renee,
    A life without love is a life half lived.
    I often think about when I met my wife, but for the fact that she got there first, ( I was in shop and she was serving at the time) we might never have met.
    Never met, never married, never known that love.
    I would hate to get up every morning hating her, hating being with her.

    Money isn’t everything ( though having some of it helps a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but for some it’s the be all and end all, and they will put up with a lot just for the SUV
    Roll on tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Good comment Seadog. I do believe in chance meetings and choices. But I also believe in fate, serendipity, kismet, and all that other good and groovy stuff. Maybe I’m an idealist. Maybe I’m just passionate. But it’s what I believe. Choices, chances and serendipity.

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