Guest Post for Daan van den Bergh


Today I share with you a link to a guest post that I did for my friend Daan van den Bergh. It ain’t pretty, but the best stuff I write seldom is. It’s a cautionary tale of addiction and redemption. My redemption has barely begun. Please be sure to share my story. If you’re living with addiction, get help, go to a meeting, and/or find a sponsor. Message me if you need to and I’ll point you in the right direction. I’m too new at sobriety to be of any use to you yet.

Triggers, Guilt and Alcoholics Anonymous

5 thoughts on “Guest Post for Daan van den Bergh

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    • Thanks Sandee. Every day gets better and better. I’m alive and well. The words are coming back to me, and so is my life.

      I hope life is good for you as well.


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