84da5-miroslav-tichy-artists_32_29Photo courtesy of filmcamera999

A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.
~Oscar Wilde~

Beauty and peace is what they see.

How to tell them that both are a lie?

My eyes hold sadness.


My lips long to kiss that of another.

To lay my heart beside his, and live forever.

I’ve been told I have the perfect nose.

Why not the perfect ass?

The perfect thighs?

I want to be happy.


There is no pill for what I crave.

But still I want.

Always, want.

I need a smoke.

A vodka and tonic.

A moment.

For myself.

For life.


34 thoughts on “Face

  1. I have issue with this too. If you are a femlae selling sex you are a whore, hooker , prostitute. If you are a man you are an escort. Almost has if women where never there to include in any decision making. The men only club. Here it is men only that can not be abused. Biased by constant crusading.

  2. …i like the bit in your disclaimer section that goes….”most of my work tends to be erotic…if you’re under 18….get the hell out”…..!!
    my kinda woman…straight and to the point…….LOL!

  3. I haven’t seen it, but let me just say “You have a perfect ass” What a wonderful and honest write. I love the cadence, the truth. And I, too, want a vodka and tonic, and someone to tell me I have the perfect something. Loved this! Absolutely loved this.

    • Oh sweetheart, you flatter me. This poem was kind of a work of fiction, parts of me were in it. The photo came from another fan. I told him I write to her face, and I did. As I state on my ‘about’ page, give me a photo and I’ll weave you a story.

      Love, Renee

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