Chilled Cheeks and Mud Covered Jeans

Chilled cheeks
Red nose
Mud covered jeans
Wind whipped hair
Breathless dogs
Paws wet from puddles
Heart full
Tear streaked
Cold cheeks
Dogs lick
Salty kisses
Make me smile
Make me brave

Revelations and Other Surprises


By: Jaded Lemur

There is a revelation,
Emanating from these tired bones;
A signal that pours out,
Waiting to be received by you.
Certain fears come along
And try their best to ruin all that may be,
But they exist to be overcome.
The means to which all the dreams are born
Reside in your touch.
Within the aspects of growing faith,
All points converge towards you.
So many shapes,
All create the perfection that is you.
As I lay here,
I feel your spirit resting against mine,
And I cry for the joy you are.
Every cell,
Living and dead,
Is but a concrete abstraction
Of what I need,
And I am content with
Exposing myself completely
Into your element
And be consumed by
Your world.

If you’ve been a follower/reader of my blog you know that a few years back I spent my Sundays working at a dog grooming salon. I had the pleasure of meeting many talented people. Not being a shy one, I made it a point of speaking to everyone I worked with. One of the quiet ones was Jaded Lemur (not his real name, but close enough). From our early conversations I could tell he was an introvert. Until, we began chatting about ferrets. His eyes would light up and his face would become animated. And I could swear, I even saw the hint of a smile on his often sullen face.


By: Jaded Lemur

I look to find a solution
In breaking this spell on my heart.
Wishing to be this grand fulfillment
That only really satisfies my needs,
And ruins others.
This hope of a future with someone so ideal for me,
Can never happen.
How I would instantly marry her
Without a second of hesitation.
This urge to free her is strong,
But is it allowing her to go in another cage?
All I want is clarity.
And her.
The ramifications consume my thoughts
And creates a sorrow that presses upon my heart.
I love her, but can never love her.
So I press onward,
Alone in a world that expects me to be.
I lay awake,
Dreaming dreams of a heart fulfilled,
And the smile illuminating from her soul.

Friendships with my grooming crew flourished, as did the one with Jaded. While we joked about sex, dirty dogs and animal droppings, he joined right in with our nonsense. I even called him Jack Skellington because of a pair of pants that he often wore to work. They were black with white stripes, and fit snugly on his lithe frame. Unfortunately I left my favorite job and people before I learned that Jaded was a talented writer. Imagine my surprise when he started posting his poetry on Facebook this week.

Empty Space

By: Jaded Lemur

A sudden realization,
Born from a shared moment of joy,
Awakened in my heart the lost feeling of love.
There was no purposeful intent,
Just a deep connection of shared souls.
Time spent with you solidifies the ideal life
I’ve been missing since conception,
And I impatiently wait for your interactions.

It pains me to see you struggle.
To suffer.
To deal with so much that is beneath you:
A contractual obligation to rejection.
Oh, how I would fight for you!
Defend you!
Sacrifice all of myself for you!
Support you in all the ways needed and forgotten.
I would let you flourish
Like the magnificent beauty you are,
And not languish in despair;
Rotting the days away.

My heart appreciates everything that is you
And accepts all that you are.
The remainder of my life is yours to have,
Though it saddens me you’ve missed so much already.
If your heart could be free to absorb this passion
That craves for your slightest touch,
I know your present and future would be revitalized,
And a glory lost or never felt would consume us
As we epitomize the idea of Love.
I hold in my arms,
This empty space,
Waiting for you to enter.
I only fear it will never be filled.

These are only a sampling of his talents. I’m hoping Jaded Lemur will allow me to share more. Maybe he’ll even let me collaborate with him. I’m so thankful he started posting his work, and that I got to share it with all of you.

Happy Wednesday.


A Passionate Poet that Found A Kindred Spirit Named Jaded Lemur


The Mermaid


Inspired by Kelli Rose Fugate

Someday, I’ll write like Tori Amos.
Or me.
Or Bukowski.
Or Rumi.
Or not.
Maybe I’ll learn to shut up.
But probably not.
Love the poet in me.
The girl I wish I was.
The woman I am.
The nurturer.
The one that wants to please.
Love and understand me completely.
Or don’t.
My free spirit will always wander.
Maybe I am a mermaid.
Longing to swim with dolphins.
But maybe, just maybe I want to be held and loved.
Maybe, loving me is that simple.

But what if I’m a mermaid?

In these jeans of yours with her name still on it
Hey, but I don’t care
‘Cause sometimes
I said sometimes I hear my voice
I hear my voice
I hear my voice
And it’s been here
Silent all these years

I’ve been here
Silent all these years
Silent all these
Silent all these years…

Walk Through my Door

Walk through my door

Heart on your sleeve

Smile on your face

Take my hand

Lead me to my bed

Stand above me

Remove your clothes

Unveil my body next

Feast your eyes upon me

Drape your body over mine

Cover my mouth with yours

And adore me

I will adore you

Fill me with your fire

I’ll speak to you in tongues

As we press on to oblivion


84da5-miroslav-tichy-artists_32_29Photo courtesy of filmcamera999

A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.
~Oscar Wilde~

Beauty and peace is what they see.

How to tell them that both are a lie?

My eyes hold sadness.


My lips long to kiss that of another.

To lay my heart beside his, and live forever.

I’ve been told I have the perfect nose.

Why not the perfect ass?

The perfect thighs?

I want to be happy.


There is no pill for what I crave.

But still I want.

Always, want.

I need a smoke.

A vodka and tonic.

A moment.

For myself.

For life.


Savoring Your Want of Me (Part III)

bed boy

You continue to move your cock inside of me.

My body responds and I sway with you.

Our motions hasten.

Put your lips on my neck.

And suck.


Leave your mark on me.

As I ride the crest of my orgasm,

Scratch painted nails down your back.

Your body spasms, but not from pain.

My hands seek your hair and my lips light on your neck.

I say your name with such delight it almost scares you.

I tell you to never,


Savoring Your Want of Me (Part II)

bed boy

Your hand glides down my waist to my thigh.

You lift my leg and wrap it around you.

There is a tingling sensation in my sex.

I lean my face into your neck.

You kiss me again.

I ask to lie with you in bed.

You oblige.

We remove our clothes and begin to explore.


With hands, mouths and tongues.

You become harder.

For me.

I swell, open and become wet for you.

Before you enter me, you ask if I love you.

I reply, more than I ever have before.

You plunge into me, and all that matters is…


Savoring Your Want of Me

bed boy

Tender lips on mine.

My hands caress your sides.

I bestow a bite on the neck.

You return the favor.

I pull you close.

Feel the hardness of your cock pressed against my thigh.

You slide your hands up to my breasts, cup them gently.

Nipples rise at your touch.

Slide your tongue in and out of my mouth.

I catch it gently in my teeth.

You move your hands into my hair, pull lightly.

Keep kissing me as I grab your erection.

You moan your need of me.

I savor your want of me, my want of you.

The Appalachian Waltz-For Lisa and Tina

My dear Lisa asked me to write a story to her favorite song. She sent it to me about 20 minutes ago. It’s not a story but a verse, prose, or whatever you call it.

I included my Tina also. She’ll know why. I hope she will anyway.

Thank you Lisa. From the bottom of my heart. I love you. For so much. How will I ever repay you?

She’s seated

In the audience

Her gloved hands wrenched together

She can’t relax

Too many things, have changed

Too many lives, affected

The fall

It was like an avalanche

Taking her heart and

Other lives with it

The music swelled

In the low notes she felt the sorrow fill her soul

The auditorium is packed

But the song is played for her alone

The strings of the cello played like the beat of her heart

As the music faded

The lights dimmmed

Her hands settle

The tempo of her broken heart slowed


A lilt of smile returned to her lips

Applause came and then died

House lights were illuminated

She filed out of the theater

Alone, but with purpose