A Message from the Great Bill Hicks

Not much to say on this Monday afternoon. I know you’re all completely shocked! All I want to say is vote tomorrow. I don’t give a shit who you vote for. Actually, I do. I’m a liberal. I’m a big mouth. I give a shit about marriage equality. I give a shit about the right for a woman to choose a safe abortion. I believe in liberty and justice for all. Not just rich, white people. I believe that everyone is created equal. I believe that we are all the same and should get paid the same. I believe in a person’s right to worship to their own god. I’m a Christian, but I have no right to persuade anyone into believing that my God is the one true god. For me, he is. I believe that Jesus was the first hippie liberal. And I will follow his doctrine to love everyone.

As you can see I also believe in Bill Hicks. I loved that man. He was not only funny, but he told it like it was and still is. Let us go out there and use our brains when we vote tomorrow. Make the right choice. We need to change. We need to evolve. We need to be better.

Yes, I will vote for Obama.

Not because he’s black. Not because he’s the best man for the job. But because he is more like me. His family is more like my family. I do believe he is genuine. I’m not a political pundit. I try my best to watch MSNBC and stay informed. I don’t believe the man is infallible. Anyone that thinks that about their president, needs their head examined. I want our country to head in the right direction. I do believe with Obama at the helm, he will. At least I pray that he does.

Oh yeah and like my FB author page. I guess I get more treats after I reach 200 or more likes. I need 39 more to reach that goal. Who the hell knows what I’ll get. Could be a kick in the pants for all I know.

21 thoughts on “A Message from the Great Bill Hicks

  1. If I had to pick one personal hero who speaks to my heart, it would be Bill Hicks. I would have married him had I ever gotten the chance. He may not be my exact physical match, but mentally he is all that and a bag of chips. lol I really do love the man. He died much too soon.

    • Here’s hoping. Thanks my dear. I just want it to be fair and I want the damn political ads to stop. They run non stop. I’m ready for this whole thing to be over with.

      • I understand, Renee. In Australia the politics is noisy too; not quite as noisy as you experience, though noisy enough.
        It will soon be over, and hopefully there will not be too many shocks..! Here’s hoping..!

  2. Go girl, say it how it is!
    I think you are possibly right and it will be Obama,(I don’t really understand American politics though).
    Some over here are saying Romney to win, but as Carolyn says lets hope who ever it is the right choice is made.
    From what you are saying it sounds like Obama is the one. Use your more wisely Renee πŸ˜‰ ( i know you will ) i hope you get the result you want.
    See you soon when the world could have changed again!
    Loven hugs xxx

    • Hey there my dear Seadog,

      I try to stay out of politics too. My Adam Boy wants to be a politician someday. I hope that he will not become corrupted by our system. I know he will be a Democrat though. Or who knows, he may create his own party. Ah a momma can dream. I just want our government to be fair and good to everyone.

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