Friday Fictioneers-Whisperer


“Annie looked into his eyes with their blood-crazed whites and for the first time in her life knew how one might come to believe in the devil.”
Nicholas Evans, The Horse Whisperer

Genre: general fiction


Melissa ambled toward the mare. Star instantly agitated, flared her nostrils and exhaled gruffly. She was not deterred in her task.  With hose placed in the trough, water spluttered from the end. Melissa advanced toward Star with purpose. She saw fear in her eyes, but didn’t falter. Star whinnied violently.

Melissa cooed, “hush beautiful girl.”

The animal reared up. Melissa, her hand out, connected with warm flesh. Star staggered and landed on all fours. Then leaned in and nuzzled Melissa’s neck.

“Good girl,” she sighed as she caressed her mane. ” It’s okay.”

The horse’s eyes softened and her body relaxed.

100 words

This was a tricky one for me Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and Doug McIlroy. I hope I did the prompt justice. We’ll see.