Friday Fictioneers-The Meeting

Christmas is the time to let your heart do the thinking.-Patricia Clafford

Special thanks to Rochelle for the prompt for November 30, 2012. This story makes me giddy. Not sure why, but I sure do like it. Hope that you do too. Have a good one my sweet readers and followers.

Love, Sparkly Girl

Cars pass by on the busy street. Christmas lights gleam in the waning of the day. Shoppers scurry around him. He waits to meet her. Till tonight it was texts and phantom voices over cell phones. They long for the safety of each other. The familiar. Yet they’re strangers with the passage of time. He looks down the sidewalk.  Sees her striding toward him. Her hair haloed by the lights of the season. She sees him. Her smile broadens. Anxieties disappear as they embrace. She pulls back, looks up at him and says, “it was always supposed to be you.”