Am I Too Old to be a Goth Girl???

Just because the character listens to an iPod and wears black nail polish, she’s goth. That was just a misused word.
Rooney Mara

Back in the 80’s I was a pretty little punk rock girl. Had my hair cut short, wore combat boots with my trench coat, and I had a boyfriend that wore more lipstick and eyeliner than I did. I listened to cool bands like The Ramones, The Stooges, New Order, Depeche Mode, and so on. I was just so edgy. Yeah I was one of those girls. Well for a short time I was…. 🙂 Then I realized I was just way too happy to be all dark. I still loved the clothes though. And of course the music. Whenever Personal Jesus from Depeche Mode comes on the radio it takes me right back to my days at the Nectarine Ballroom. God I LOVED that place!

I’ve been working at Petco for the last year with some incredibly cool people. Three of which are these beautiful goth girls. They are gorgeous, tattooed angels that are so funny, free and happy. I’m telling you it completely changed my whole perspective on the goth culture. I thought they were all edgy and moody. They were pierced, tattooed people that were pissed off at the world. That is so not the case. They really are just like what we punk rock princesses were back in the day. I’m not saying that the music is exactly what I would listen to on a regular basis, but honey I can dance to it. FOR HOURS! You don’t have to know the words you just gotta find your groove.

I LOVE the clothing style too. I’m especially into the pinup clothes. The dresses, the shoes, the hairstyles, the fucking eyeliner. I LOVE the eyeliner. The liquid is the best. And if I could wear the Betty Page haircut I’m telling you I would. I think that I need to go for more of a Marilyn hairstyle though. I’m going to have to grow mine out and damage it a bit more to get it to do what I want. Giggle.

As for the tattoos, I’m already sporting three. I want to get so many more. I feel like my body is a canvas and there’s so much of my story that needs to be told on it. OMG just thinking about the buzz of the needle makes me want another one right now…. I’m so addicted. Of course I think I may just be addicted to my artist. He’s so fucking hot and incredibly talented! 🙂

So yeah I guess this old punk princess can get her goth on once in awhile. Well, as long as Roger thinks I’m just channeling Marilyn. After all she is one of my heroes. I’m not sure Rog could handle anymore of my transformations.He’s handled all of them so far though. And what’s one more? I mean I’ve already got my combat boots. Now all I need to get is my trench coat…