Savoring Your Want of Me (Part III)

bed boy

You continue to move your cock inside of me.

My body responds and I sway with you.

Our motions hasten.

Put your lips on my neck.

And suck.


Leave your mark on me.

As I ride the crest of my orgasm,

Scratch painted nails down your back.

Your body spasms, but not from pain.

My hands seek your hair and my lips light on your neck.

I say your name with such delight it almost scares you.

I tell you to never,


The Simple Answer Yes


You bring me to my knees You make me testify, You can make a sinner change his ways,  Open up your gates cause I can’t wait to see the light, And right there is where I wanna stayBruno Mars

The lovers grope for each other in the darkened theater. On the screen before them there are intermittent flashes of light as the actors move about their scenes. The couple pays no mind to what story is being portrayed though. All they know is here and now. Their hands reach for purchase of body parts. Their lips do the same. He kisses her neck. She  pulls his left hand to her mouth and deliberately licks his open palm. She tastes salt and butter from the long forgotten bag of popcorn that lays scattered around their feet. There’s music and dialogue streaming from the surround sound speakers. However, it is muffled by the sound she makes in her throat as he licks then bites her neck.

“You bit me, you fucker,”  she angrily whispers in his ear.

“Would you like me to stop?” , he questions as his mouth hungrily sucks an ear lobe.

“Absolutely not,” she moans. “Keep going.”

She kisses his lips and slides her tongue into his mouth. He sucks it while his hand finds her right breast. He pulls the nipple taut through the cotton of her simple t-shirt. She arches her back to feel his fingers. To feel. More. She reaches for the front of his jeans and feels his fiery need for her.

“Do you want me?”,  she inquires.

“More than you can imagine,”  he states.

“Take me here,” she breathes.

“I’ll take you anywhere and everywhere. You will always say yes to me.”,  he commands.

She responds, “yes. I will.”

She knows she’ll keep the promise.  With all her heart and body she will. He continues to caress her breast. The desire she feels for him spreads to her loins. She feels the flood in her pussy begin. How sweet the ache of want is. She reaches for the zipper of his jeans and slowly lowers it. Next she unbuttons them.  She kneels on the sticky floor and takes his cock into her mouth. His hands caress her hair and he mutters expletives and words of love at the same time.

“Look up at me”,  he says and gently brushes two fingers tips across her right cheek.

Her blue eyes sparkle and dance when she honors his request. He sees this beauty before him, worshiping him with her mouth and he knows, she has no idea of her worth.

“You are beauty. You are warmth. You are mine,”  he murmurs.

Her response to his words is to wrap her hand around him as she tastes his flavor of desire. He leans his head back and feels her mouth. Her hand. The heat of her tongue.

“Damn woman, you are so good to me.”, he says into the dark.

His hands pull her hair gently as he gets closer to release. His body tenses and hips jut forward. It’s all he can do to keep from screaming her name. She keeps working her magic. She is relentless in her pursuit to his end. To his “La petite mort”.  Her hand becomes a blur as does her mouth. He can no longer hold back. His balls draw up and he gently holds her face to his cock. He release his nectar into her mouth. She waits for the last spasm and swallows the salty mixture. He withdraws from her and smiles. He draws her into his arms and kisses her softly on the lips.

Grinning in the darkness he says, “let me take you home so I can fuck you properly.”

She kisses him back while he zips and buttons his pants.

“Love, you can take me anywhere and everywhere. Your answer to me will always be yes.”, she demands.

He responds simply, “yes, it will.”