A Moment with James and Marilyn

James and Marilyn

Jimmy honey, make yourself useful and get me a glass of champagne., Marilyn gave a wave of her hand and flashed her million dollar smile.

Lynn my sweet, get it your damn self., James muttered.

Oh dear, don’t you know who I am?

Of course my sweet. But don’t you know who I am?

Yes of course dear, however I am better than you. she replied and winked at him.

Whatever my sweet woman, you are merely a beauty.,  he joked.

Honey, I am so much more than that., she chided.

Lynn, of course I know that. You are the most dangerous kind of woman there is. You have brains and beauty.

Her eyes clouded with tears. She gingerly replied, Jimmy I do believe that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

He replied with all seriousness on his handsome face., “I mean it Lynn, I do.”

He gets up from his spot on the floor and returns with a rose and glass of champagne. He hands it to the beauty with brains. The alluring Marilyn Monroe. After James Dean is seated, the photographer sets their pose. Before the shutter clicks, they change positions and turn. They make the photo their own. Who are they to be told what to do? The are legends.