What a difference a year makes (Part 4)

There is a still moment in time, a moment when our addictions no longer are able to hide the truth from us, and reality shows its true face, a point in life when everything breaks down, we are stripped from all our protective walls, we need to rid ourselves of our own destructive behaviors, say good bye to the old ways, the moment when we somehow have to choose between what our life is, and what we deeply want our life to be about…… That is when change begins. ~Will Rivera

August 24, 2011.

Look at that face.

Look at that smile.

Down 82 lbs and 21 inches.

I’m shrinking.

Getting healthy.

Running sprints while walking 4 miles at a time.

Roger and I are rocking it!

We are following the Medical Weight Loss Plan to the letter.

But every once in awhile we add an ear of corn.

There’s nothing like Michigan sweet corn in the summer!

No drinking in 6 weeks.

What a major difference.

Life is better.

Trying to do everything I haven’t in 13 years.

A little manic, but mania can be good. 🙂

What can I do to quiet this tortured and anxious soul????

Write, sing, run?

There are no limitations anymore…..