He Who Makes Her Wait

Why is he so good at making her feel small?

Then with a few words he can make her spirits soar.

Why does she wait?

What is it she feels for him?

She’s never gazed upon his face. Touched his hands. Felt his warm breath in her ear as he whispers how much he wants her. He’s never so much as grazed a finger across her cheek.

She knows she wants him.

Waits for him.

He only gives her what he wants.

Just  a few words here and there.

He makes her think she’s in control.

But she isn’t.

She’s okay with that.

Until she ponders it further.

She becomes angry with herself. Furious. She’s never been one to wait. On anyone or anything. Ever. She is not this kind of girl. She doesn’t want to be. But there is something about him that intrigues her.

His promises, his words, his want of her.

It makes her willing to wait for him.

Is it curiosity?

Fear of the unknown?

She’s not sure.

She likes a bit of fear.

The rush of it.

She decides to wait for him, for now. Knowing that in minutes, hours and days from now, she will change her mind again, and again. She will, but she knows, she’ll wait. For him.