Friday Fictioneers-U.S-1 and Flaming Red Hair


Copyright-Beth Carter

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.-John Denver

Miriam was ready to start a new adventure, in Key West. At her old home, she tidied up affairs. Freed herself of all that didn’t matter anymore. Even her car.

“We always wanted to live on the beach, Honey.” she spoke into the air. “You’re in the ether now, but you’re always with me.”

Ray had been dead two years. It was her turn.  To write. Run. Smile. And live.

She threw her luggage into the silly homemade car she bought. Placed his urn in the seat next to her. Drove along U.S.-1, flaming red hair dancing in the breeze.

**Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for keeping the dream of Friday Fictioneers alive. The prompt this week was an inspiring one. Not sure if I captured enough of it in my story. Please give criticism and kudos. I’m a romantic twit, but I can take it. **