100 Word Song-I’m Shaking

This is my first attempt at the 100 Word Song prompt sponsored by My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I’m not sure how well I did, but what came out of me was pretty damn hot. Damon and Rhiannon are recurring characters that I write about. If you ever wondered why they love each other so much, I guess now their secret is revealed. There will still be stories of romance. Maybe there will be a continuation of this storyline. But probably not. I don’t want to reveal too much about them. These characters in some way, shape and form are real. And they’re all mine.



Damon placed the rope around Rhiannon’s wrists gently and tied her down. He never wanted to restrain her legs. Placing his hand under her chin, he kissed her. Her lips quivered as she begged for more. The sadist in him pulled away, delighting in her torment. There she lay naked, ready for him to do what he wanted. His heart softened with his love for her, as his cock became more turgid.

As he began to take her he whispered, ‘I love you Rhiannon.’

Shaking with desire and the hope of satiation she replied, ‘Daddy, make me your good girl.’





Tunesday-Detroit Rock City Baby!

Big Daddy Arthur P

I grew up listening to Big Daddy Arthur P on 101.1 the WRIF. He was and still is quite a character. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my followers from around the country might know his name. If not, you may know the distinct sound of his voice and the way he says his trademark word, baby.

Enjoy the tuneage while I stroll down memory lane for a bit. I love Bob and Kid, but my favorite Detroiter is Jack White. Going to listen to a little Love Interruption and swoon.


Sparkly Girl

Bob Seger (They do respect her but, they love to watch her strut. Yes, this song often brings out my inner stripper.)

Kid Rock

Jack White (Every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me….)

Love Interruption (My favorite!!!!)