Tunesday-Today is Simply Sublime


Swear I would do most anything. Walk a mile to see her smile. Walk a mile just to rock for awhile.-Bradley Nowell

I blame my love of Sublime on my friend M.  I swear to you I’m a boy when it comes to some of my music choices. Bradley had a filthy mouth. He was an addict. Totally fucked in the head too. Maybe that’s why I liked him so much. He didn’t give a fuck, or so it seemed. His attitude was about self preservation, but he was hell bent on self destruction. It made him stick needles in his arms and shoot heroin. Self medicate.

The tortured genius left this world too soon. He died of a heroin overdose on May 18, 1996. I was a young wife and mom. But that didn’t mean I didn’t long to be one of the punk girls in a dark and dingy club in LBC. Swooning to the sounds of a fucked up front man with a stolen guitar.

Now get up and dance to the ska and reggae beat. Smile and be happy.