Quote Thursday-Heather Bright

Heather Bright
If a writer falls in love with you, you will never die.-Heather Bright

The quote of the day is by Heather Bright. My friend Jason shared it with me. I have to say, I agree. I know the stories I’ve written have made real and imaginary people immortal. I’ve fallen in love with every subject that I’ve written about. With every character that I’ve created. With every person that has allowed me to tell their story. I swear to you my heart holds more love since I’ve started this journey of discovery.

As the words fly around me and the stories come, I know that I will find more to love about this passion of mine. I hope I end up on a beach, pen and paper in hand. With my Roger Darling, the kids and my grand children running around me. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure our bungalow is big enough to hold plenty of family and friends.

Hugs and kisses and happy Thursday.

What a difference a year makes (Part 7)

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

January 19, 2012.

Look at that face.

Look at that smile.

That smirk.

That knowing.

That it has all been worth it.

This struggle.

Therapy is working wonders.

Questioning people in my life has helped.

Asking for forgiveness has helped.

Knowing what I’m afraid of and overcoming it has helped.

I’ve found my fire.

I’ve found my life.

I’ve found my happiness.

It was ALWAYS within me.

I’m close to my goal.

But I know that I have to keep it just out of reach.

I have to always set a new goal.

Got to keep this fire alive.

So I write.

People read….

Really read.

Who knew anyone would care what I have to say.

I hear I’m an inspiration.

No not really….

You are gentle reader, my friends, my loves….

If you read this and it inspires you, then you are the inspiration.

I was just the kindling that ignited your soul.

You caught fire…..

And with your fire you help keep my soul lit.