We Were Enraptured

TeethEnrapture: To fill (someone) with delight. (Merriman-Webster Dictionary)

He bound me to our bed and began to devour my pussy. Little nibbles around the lips gave way to him ravaging my swollen mound. The tongue lashing left me mewling like a kitten. I thrashed my legs about his head and shoulders begging him to liberate me. To let me cum. He would not honor my fierce cries. As I continued to battle him with my legs, he assaulted me with his mouth. I embraced the onslaught,  without embracing him.

Feeling my essence spray his mouth and chin, it drizzled onto our cotton sheets made warm by the blood coursing through our veins. Without opening my eyes to look at him I knew, he was basking in the taste of my arousal.

‘My Love, fill me with you’, I breathed, my eyes now open, shined only for him.

He looked up at me, and responded, ‘All in due time, my Darling.’

My body responded to the constant barrage of his lips and tongue. Finally, he allowed me to lose myself in the most exquisite apex. The churning began in my sex and emanated through my entire being. It seemed that it would last forever. My body continued to quake. His arms wrapped around my legs to hold his mouth to me while the storm continued to brew. As it subsided, my legs quivered and I was covered in a sheen of sweat.

I felt him shift his weight and move above me. He lowered his body onto mine, I felt the head of his cock brush the length of my clit. The sound that emerged from my lips could only be heard by heaven. And him. With a flourish he filled me completely and began to entice me with movements I never knew existed.

‘Release my hands so I can embrace you’, I begged.

Continuing to move his cock inside of me, he repeated, ‘All in due time, my Darling.’

I moved with him, not against. We were fluid motion and love. His strokes became more intense and my body stalled. Another orgasm erupted within my center and I disappeared into him, only my soul was exposed. So close to death, yet immortal, I trembled with every nuance of my climax.

I glimpsed into his eyes, and discerned he was close to the end. Reaching behind my head, he released me from my bonds. With a final thrust, he poured his seed into me. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, to draw him as close to me as I could. My hands found solace in the thickness of his hair. Resting his head on my chest, he lazily bit my nipple. A lone bead of sweat trickled from his forehead onto my body.

His member softened and fell from my pussy. Cum flowed from my center. We laid together, with nothing between us but the memory of our coupling. And we were enraptured.


She awakens ready to hunt. As she rises, she feels the loose pine needles dig into her hands and feet. Her nostrils take in the scent of prey. And him. She stands up completely unaware of her nakedness. All she cares about is finding food. And feeding her other, hunger. She runs on feet hardened by the elements. There is no pain felt as she makes her way over rocks and sticks in her path. She is agile, strong and wild in her beauty. She stops, lifts her head, and sniffs the air. There is the scent of rabbit. It is close by. But the draw of his scent is more powerful than her need for sustenance. She continues to run. Her dark hair is strung with leaves, snarls, and twigs. Her blue eyes vibrant, even in the moonlight. Her hands, arms and legs move to push her further; faster.

There he is in her path. The ONE. He is standing there, blonde, brown eyed, and naked. She wants to devour him. For she is starving. But not for food.  There’s a need for touch, want, release. He runs to her. She to him. They pounce. Kiss, lick, bite, and taste. Their coupling is urgent and extreme. They grasp at each other to hold onto the moment for they know it’ll be over too soon. They can’t stay in one place for long or they will become the hunted. Out in this wild world where it is kill or be killed.

After their desire is sated, it is time to feed. With the moon shining above them, they stand and look at one another. He shakes his blonde head at her. She touches his face. They turn and begin to run. Together they will satisfy their need for food. Then feast on each other. Again.