Quote of the Day-W. Somerset Maugham


Impropriety is the soul of wit.-W. Somerset Maugham

I posted this quote on my Facebook author page on Wednesday morning. My buddy Duncan piped in that I must be a very witty woman. I agreed that yes, I most certainly am. I’m too old to worry about being proper. I am, when I need to be. Most of the time I’m not. I like a good dick joke. Burping and farting make me laugh like a hyena. I watch Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill and every damn movie that Will Ferrell is in. I think Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd are gods because they are juvenile comedic geniuses. I have a dirty, whorish mouth that should be washed out with soap. On a daily basis.

Last week, Renaissance Biker Dude walked by my office, threw open the door and screamed the word slut at me. He shut the door, and continued his jaunt down the hall. In my shock, I bent over and hit my head on my desk. Then laughed till I had a seizure (kidding). He sauntered past my door a few minutes later. With a devilish grin on his face he flipped me off. I swear I did nothing to provoke him. Okay, maybe I did. A few days before this incident…

I’m learning that the improper things that happen in my life are what make for good writing. So please act a fool when you’re around me. PLEASE! I’ll be sure to join in the fun. Who the hell am I kidding? I’ll probably start the idiocy.

Yes. Yes, I do want to be that woman Will is French kissing. I do. Don’t you judge me!

Happy Thursday my dears.

Reader Appreciation Award, really? Aw shucks….

 Reader Appreciation Award!

I’m just tickled to death that I was nominated for this award by Vicky…the Northern Chicky (she’s a hoot, go read her!). It still surprises me when I read that people love my blog. That they love reading me. I’m so glad I’ve found this passion in me and I’m channeling it for good. No more destructive behavior. Unless it’s fun and no one gets hurt. Then of course let the destructive and crazy behavior continue. And if I can get at least eight hours of sleep before the next bit of craziness in me takes over, that’s even better. I do need my beauty sleep after all….. And I’m quite the cranky cunt if I don’t get enough of it.

With this award, I get to share with you something I’ve been up to and my nominations.


Sooooo this is what I’ve been up to. Working, not running, working, eating healthy, working, crying a bit more than usual, working, laughing hysterically at stupid shit, working, seeing my dear Goth Princess K, at work, working, and dancing to the song Wild Ones in my office. And saying the word fuck a lot. Tomorrow there’s no work. Yay for me. It’s a day to spend with my husband and kids for Mom’s day. We’re doing something groovy but they won’t tell me what it is yet. That’s okay though. I love surprises as much as I love puppies and babies……

MY SIX NOMINATIONS FOR THE READER APPRECIATION AWARD… Please read them. They are all excellent!

My Voices Say it’s True – He’s a newbie but he’s a dear friend that has good things to say. Encourage him to keep up the writing.

Brainsnorts, Inc. – Good story teller. His posts are good and the writing is superb. Makes me wish I was a better writer for sure.

Kylling Sara – I love her writing it so heartfelt and filled with emotion. I really identify with her.

Life, Leadership and Faith – Thought provoking, inspirational, and restores my believe in the Holy Spirit. I’m sure she cringes at some of my posts….

Awakeningpsyche – oh my his poetry can just still my anxious heart.

Tales of a Charm City Chick– Love the girl. She’s funny and just right on. I love her writing. She’s very real.