Friday Fictioneers-The Gnashing of Teeth


Copyright – Sandra Crook

I am a Christian, and we commit no wrongdoing.-Saint Blandina

The beasts sent to devour me inhale my stench of captivity.  My crime is the belief in Jesus Christ.

Bound to a stake, the straps slice and blood runs in rivulets. But the creatures do not advance to tear my flesh.  Is it my faithfulness that keeps me safe?

The remains of my earthly master are strewn at my feet. Animals gnash at him. I vomit bile down my breasts.

My captors return and remove my restraints. As I’m lead back to my cell, I overhear their plans. I’m to be roasted alive. But my devotion to Him won’t waver.

100 words/Genre: Historical Fiction

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Saint Blandina and the Martyrs of Lyon