The Appalachian Waltz-For Lisa and Tina

My dear Lisa asked me to write a story to her favorite song. She sent it to me about 20 minutes ago. It’s not a story but a verse, prose, or whatever you call it.

I included my Tina also. She’ll know why. I hope she will anyway.

Thank you Lisa. From the bottom of my heart. I love you. For so much. How will I ever repay you?

She’s seated

In the audience

Her gloved hands wrenched together

She can’t relax

Too many things, have changed

Too many lives, affected

The fall

It was like an avalanche

Taking her heart and

Other lives with it

The music swelled

In the low notes she felt the sorrow fill her soul

The auditorium is packed

But the song is played for her alone

The strings of the cello played like the beat of her heart

As the music faded

The lights dimmmed

Her hands settle

The tempo of her broken heart slowed


A lilt of smile returned to her lips

Applause came and then died

House lights were illuminated

She filed out of the theater

Alone, but with purpose