Friday Fictioneers-August Heat


The young vet sat across from the crumbled building. The August heat soared, and  concrete burned through his fatigues and t-shirt. In his right hand he held a cup for ‘donations’, and with his left he wiped his damp brow.

Concert goers walked past, paying him no mind. Their only mission to pregame before the big event. Except for one pretty woman, but not ‘pretty’ in the traditional sense. Her smile made him shiver and her blue eyes he could’ve drowned in.

She handed him a ‘fiver’, then to his surprise, sat down beside him.

Hi, she said, I’m Michaella.


This is my first entry in Friday Fictioneers in forever. I’m forcing myself to get back to writing after dealing with some major heartbreak. I’m tying to post at least one story a week, but if the words start flowing again, I’m hoping to post a few times a week.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting this wonderful prompt. I’m so glad to be back in it again. Please be assured I’m ready for all constructive criticism.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Friday Fictioneers-We’re Not Broken, Just Bent


Just give me a reason, Just a little bit’s enough

“Alice? Will you be able to love me even though I’m broken”

“Who says you’re the only one that is, Evan?”

“Answer me.”

“Yes, I will love you.” “When together, we’re not broken, just bent.”

Thunder rolls and the lights flicker out as they stand in the kitchen. He lights the lamps and adjusts the wicks. She grabs a vitamin from the cart and takes water from the sink to wash it down. Evan stands behind her, removes the glass from her hand, and kisses her neck. Alice leans into his warm body and lets his arms engulf her.

100 words (Genre: Romance)

P!nk and Nate from Fun! have been running through my sparkly brain all week. Then I saw Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s photo prompt and the story fell out of my head. Hope you like it. If not, tell me. I might take your advice, but I’m stubborn so I might not.

Have a great weekend my friends. It’s Easter and the kids are coming home. I’m going to take off my blogging hat and put on my momma one. I don’t get to wear it very often anymore, so when I get the chance, I do. It’s time to make Easter Baskets, clean house and get food items together for a sumptuous dinner. Happy Passover, or Easter. Whatever you celebrate, enjoy it.


Friday Fictioneers-Ian’s Self Destruction


copyrightLora Mitchell

Maggie came home and found Ian “on the nod”. He looked up at her, but couldn’t focus. The heroin he was on must be good.

“Mags my love,” he murmured.

“Don’t say a fucking word,” she scoffed.

All the happiness she felt before she walked through the door evaporated. Even with the rain, she had been elated. She had picked up groceries to make a sumptuous Easter meal. And a basket of lilies because their aroma reminded her of home. That’s where Maggie should be. With family. Not him. How could she love a man so bent on self destruction?


Genre: Tragic Romance

Special thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the latest Friday Fictioneers prompt. I had to write about my book characters, Maggie and Ian. I hope you like the story. It’s a bit darker than I’m used to writing. I thought it was appropriate for the prompt though. Have a great weekend my dear readers. Please know I take criticism as well as kudos for my stories. I’m no marshmallow. Bring it on.