Friday Fictioneers-Serenity



When he left her, Emily retreated to the woods in a ramshackle hut without running water or electricity. She hoped the solitude would kill her, or that the lack of sound would at least deafen her. However, it only made her instincts keener and her will stronger.

For sustenance, she hunted the woods and fished the lake. She wrote her manuscript by the light of day, and continued writing by firelight until long after the sun set. The mewling of the coyotes sang her to sleep each night.

Emily thought she had found serenity, but then he reappeared.

98 words

Genre: General Fiction

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers. I don’t write much anymore but when the stories come, they come quickly and I have to reach out and grab them before they get away.

I’m unsure of the cadence of this story, or if it even makes sense. I take any and all criticism or kudos.



45 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-Serenity

  1. Oh, I likes it! Actually reminds me of some I would, and have done… the seclusion part. When we lost our home and had to live in a tent in the woods… well, it was a much different life.

      • yes, they are. We were homeless because the apartment manager didn’t like our car…yes, literally. It was too ‘old’ for her liking. It was spotless, no dents/rust/damage. It ran just fine. It was only 10 yrs old. Anyway, we have an affordable apartment now in a less wealthy but much happier community.

  2. I love this, it feels like the opening to a book i could not put down. I hope you find the rest of it and share it,

  3. This leaves you with so many questions of what’s going to happen next. Also love Emily’s independent spirit so I hope she uses her strength here and survives. Great story.

  4. I’m happy now that she knows she can easily survive alone in the worst of the conditions. Next time he’ll leave, she won’t be this devastated. Great tale Renee!

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