Friday Fictioneers-August Heat


The young vet sat across from the crumbled building. The August heat soared, and  concrete burned through his fatigues and t-shirt. In his right hand he held a cup for ‘donations’, and with his left he wiped his damp brow.

Concert goers walked past, paying him no mind. Their only mission to pregame before the big event. Except for one pretty woman, but not ‘pretty’ in the traditional sense. Her smile made him shiver and her blue eyes he could’ve drowned in.

She handed him a ‘fiver’, then to his surprise, sat down beside him.

Hi, she said, I’m Michaella.


This is my first entry in Friday Fictioneers in forever. I’m forcing myself to get back to writing after dealing with some major heartbreak. I’m tying to post at least one story a week, but if the words start flowing again, I’m hoping to post a few times a week.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting this wonderful prompt. I’m so glad to be back in it again. Please be assured I’m ready for all constructive criticism.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-August Heat

  1. This one could go either way. She could be incredibly kind or some sort of predator. I’m hoping for the former, but the latter would make a more interesting story.

  2. What a wonderful way back into writing! This was indeed heartwarming. I choose to see only good in her sitting down next to him.

  3. And you have a wonderful day too Renee. These ‘bumps’ seriously rock our boats, but the angel coming out the other side becomes more beautiful each time. Believe it ❤
    Glad to hear your voice again, looking forward to more 😀

  4. Great story , Renee. ( Also,I really like your name )
    Would love to read more about Michaella and her life.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. Congrats! I have not written in more than a year. Dad passed last July (2016) and, while that didn’t do it, it didn’t help either. I have about 50 pages of a novel done and several ideas for short books and stories. Need to do, but don’t. I hope I can pull myself out of this.

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