A Letter of Forgiveness


‘Let us be willing to release old hurts.’- Martha Smock

Dear Renee,

The last three years have been especially harrowing, yet you’ve persevered. I always knew you were  a strong woman.

I want you to forgive yourself for the last ten years of drinking. I want you to love and accept yourself and know that you are a beautiful spirit.

You are not your past, and it does not need to define you. Your future and your community are the sober people, the perfectly broken.

Your children love you. The longer you are sober, the more their trust will return.

Do not look for love until you can find it within yourself.

Go to meetings.Work with a sponsor. Keep busy. Dive into work and become a stellar employee again.

Be kind to yourself and know that you alone are enough.

Let go of your past. Let go of love that is not evenly returned and move forward.

Find peace.

Find joy.

Find love from within, and the brilliance of it will flow to everyone you encounter.

Forgive yourself, and put your trust in the future.

Love, Renee

(This is a letter I wrote to myself the last night of my stay at the Brighton Center for Recovery. My addiction counselor told me to save doing this section of my homework after everything else was done. I read it to my community the day I ventured out of the Brighton Bubble into the sunlight of new future. I’ll  share of my journey when the time is right. For now, I have another story brewing about a wheat farmer and his wife. I hope to post it soon. This girl is getting her sparkle back for sure. Thanks for following me on this journey.)

11 thoughts on “A Letter of Forgiveness

  1. Take a bow beautiful lady…THAT is an amazing letter 🙂
    Self love is the hardest thing to find…but I see a glow, and a very lovely one at that. To find ourselves takes great strength, to believe in ourselves, even more…but to find and love that beauty inside, is pure unconditional.
    I am very proud of your journey Renee, you have found you, dared that path, and reached that destination within.
    If I may, I send you a galaxy of hugs, a universe of blessings…and the beauty of a rose…may it compliment the new found warmth in your heart ❤ ❤

  2. Renee… I’ve followed that path for 19 years now. I will only say that it gets easier as you go along it. I can not think of anything to add, except to remember this line in your letter… Be kind to yourself and know that you alone are enough.

    Now, I’m looking forward to that story of the wheat farmer and his wife.

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