Friday Fictioneers-Trepidation


The couple waits patiently for news of positive or negative. For days filled with watching the changing of a woman’s body as it carries life within. For nights the man will spend wandering grocery aisles finding just the right morsel of food to satisfy her cravings.

He holds her hand and feels the clamminess brought about by extra adrenaline.  He strokes it gently to calm the trembling. The clicking of the receptionist’s mouse and keyboard becomes lost on them as the doctor sits down across from them.

‘It’s positive’, he says, and the couple’s trepidation switches to triumph.

99 words/genre: dramatic fiction

Thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers. I’m doing my best to become inspired again and this photo for some reason did it for me. Please be sure to give me constructive criticism and read the other stories that are posted on Rochelle’s page. Have a great weekend everyone.

Love, Renee

18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-Trepidation

  1. Dear Renee,

    Welcome back! I remember the first time the doctor said, “Positive” to me. I was so high the moon couldn’t touch me. Now that teeny little positive it a 41 year old man.

    Well done.



    • Dear Rochelle,
      I’m so glad to be back! Can you believe this story took me about 20 minutes to write? I remember my ‘positives’ too. Hard to believe they are 24 and 25 now. And one of them has made me a grandmother!
      Love, Renee

  2. Hey Renee we both went ‘to hospital’ this week, please everything went well. It’s good to see you here again, you have been missed.
    Dee x

  3. Hayyy! Welcome home Renee….great post 🙂
    Now breeeeathe. Big changes are happening at this time…eclipses, life changes, heart yearnings. Allow it to settle. Feel your life as you just be you…and the stories will come. Promise!
    It will be like a puppy peeing on your carpet, always unexpected and catches you out 🙂
    Hope your little man is doing well too, nothing like a jump up on the lap and a slurp up the face from an unconditional pup (he’s probably got too big 🙂 )

    • He’s a whole 26 lbs now and he’s wonderful! I love that little dog to pieces. He saved me, but I saved myself too. Life is good my friend. So very, very good.

      Love, Renee

      • That friendly jump on your lap would take your breath away 😀
        That unconditional (well, as long as you feed him and play in the yard occasionally anyway 🙂 ), love from them is always a blessing.
        Glad your heart is shining Renee, and the walls have opened from all you’ve been through. It has been a big journey and your train is starting to travel through some very beautiful country 🙂 Big hugs! Enjoy the scenery.

  4. I like how you described what they were hoping for, how they were looking forward to the whole process, not only ‘the child’. That’s one lucky baby that will be very loved.

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