No Other Love

Woman wearing sheet, hair mussed, light drizzle in early morning light. Music plays quietly in background while she stands, looking out the window at the wild flowers growing beside the creek. They’re her flowers, they have been for many years. Even before this was her home.

No other love, I’m flying….. But why is she finally feeling grounded?

She turns and looks at the form of him sleeping soundly in the bed that’s theirs now. It’s 6:00 am, an ungodly hour for her to be awake, but an hour he’s used to. Must be he finally found that peaceful sleep he’s been yearning for.

No other love, I’m flying….. But why is he finally grounded?

He awakens and rolls over to see her standing there. She’s shrouded in bed sheets and morning. There’s no sunrise but it isn’t necessary for she is his light. He hears the soft music playing and watches her voicelessly sing to the raindrops on the window.

Catching his stare she climbs back into bed and they begin to make love. The song ends and all that can be heard is the patter of rain and their beating hearts.

No other love, I’m flying….. I can go, I can go anywhere…..

But there’s really no need to go anywhere. All they have is right here.

10 thoughts on “No Other Love

    • I’m a week and a half out from having my third surgery and all is healing well. I’m completely off pain meds but I’m in a rehab center getting my ass whipped into shape by my physical therapists. Life is good and as you can see by my story, I continue to dream.

      • Good girl Renee, that is what I love to hear. And dream on…I hope one of the therapist has a cute butt at least πŸ˜€
        At this rate you’ll soon be able to chase the pup, and maybe meet a tall handsome stranger in the park πŸ™‚
        Don’t think about it, just let it happen…and you will be surprised by the smiles that come out of nowhere because you have let go.
        Good energy for the operation and rehab after…you have it all under control my friend πŸ™‚

      • Actually there is one young therapist that is quite the doll. I would LOVE to pinch his hiney!

        Everyday that I exercise and heal I feel better and once step closer to my goal of walking with less pain.

        No need for another love except my own right now. It’ll come, when it comes.

        Now it’s time to be inspired to write…

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