Shards of Glass


 Copyright-Douglas McIlroy

After her latest hospitalization, Tricia isolated herself on an island where no one knew her.

While the ocean roared and licked her feet, she searched for colored shards of glass made smooth by tumbling waves. In her workshop she placed them in jars filled with water then sold them to tourists. Tricia was confounded by what rum soaked and perfect bodied folks would purchase while they laid in the sun.

Here, she remained sober and ‘off the grid’, but it didn’t stop her from thinking about her past life. She hoped they were okay without her. Actually, she hoped they were better than okay.

104 words/General Fiction (hell, I don’t know)


Thanks Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this exercise in discipline. It is a joy to work with you and have you comment on my work. Along with all of my other friends from Friday Fictioneers.

Readers, please check out the other stories found on Rochelle’s page. Thanks for stopping by.

24 thoughts on “Shards of Glass

  1. Tricia seems to have found some peace and is in a reflective mode. I think the sea has healing powers. I’m reminded of Glass Beach as I read this. It’s a great place.

    • I just looked at photos of Glass Beach, and found it to be quite beautiful. This same sort of thing happens on the shores of Lake Michigan over in the Lelanau Peninsula. I’m so glad you shared the name of the beach with me. I want to go visit it right now. Giggle.

      Love, Renee

  2. Love the descriptions in this – licking sea, rum soaked bodies. Hope Tricia keeps finding the peace her move has given her.

  3. A sad but hopeful story. Just like Renee’s situation I guess. She’s paying a price for her peace and for her sobriety. It’s always so. I think she’ll do ok.

    • It is very hopeful, for everyone involved. She paid a high price by leaving but so did the others that she left behind.She’ll be okay because she has something to prove.

      Love, Renee

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