EPIC RANT || Christmas F*ing Carols

Yeah what he said!


(Warning: I am not a bitter person. These rants are just that: rants. I appreciate the emails asking me why I am so mad, but I am not mad. I am actually enjoying the holidays as they should be enjoyed: surrounded by the people I love and loads of alcohol to make them more lovable. This rant is dedicated to my home-girl Renee)


The_Shining_2345798bOne of the pleasures of having a day or two off is that I get to watch movies. This time around I got to watch the Shining. I particularly liked the fact that Jack Nicholson‘s decent into homicidal madness was correlated with his typing the same phrase over and over again ad nausea.

Now I don’t mean to get off on a rant here, but if I hear one more fucking Christmas Carol , one more thing about Rudolph and his red fucking nose, I just…

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