Walk Through my Door

Walk through my door

Heart on your sleeve

Smile on your face

Take my hand

Lead me to my bed

Stand above me

Remove your clothes

Unveil my body next

Feast your eyes upon me

Drape your body over mine

Cover my mouth with yours

And adore me

I will adore you

Fill me with your fire

I’ll speak to you in tongues

As we press on to oblivion

12 thoughts on “Walk Through my Door

  1. The song and video by Shakira, ‘Underneath your clothes’ speaks of beauty in terms of what we see and what we feel. Making love with passion. Waking up with an angel in your arms. There is no harbor above the hips that matters even a little bit.

    • How I adore your comment. Thank you. This little poem fell out of my head today. I’m glad it struck you like it did me. How lovely it is to feel passionate about another person. The feel of skin, and kisses that ignite the soul. I don’t think there’s anything better than that.

      Love, Renee

      • This is very true about love and lust. If you have any kind of love, the lust becomes like a raging fire that is only sated by the caress and unhindered by time.

        I seek the sensual side of humankindness and how you speak matters quite a bit.

      • I believe you’re very right. Love makes the lust all the more intense. It is only satisfied by the touch of the object of your affection.

        I like the sensual and the erotic. Leave the smut to the others. I’ll take erotica and connection any day.

        Love, Renee

      • In women I see a part of me and I believe in women they say their other side. When we figure out it was meant this way, then we are free to live and love.

        Larry 😉 and by the way, you re very pretty and I love your willingness to be yourself….

      • Dear Larry,

        I have to be myself. Everyone else is taken. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment.

        Have a lovely Monday and please know that your words mean so very much to me.

        Love, Renee

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