Will you?


Will you lay on top of me?

Touch my face?

Tell me how good it feels to be inside of me?

That you don’t want to be anywhere else?

Will you fuck me slowly?

Then hard enough to bruise my inner thighs?

Will you?

Remind me that I’m yours?

23 thoughts on “Will you?

    • Hello sweetheart. If you are from England, you better get to bed. It’s the middle of the night there. :-). I haven’t written any erotica in awhile. It’s coming back to me slowly but surely. There will be more. Enjoy my dear. xoxoxoxoxoxox

      • iam night owl hoot hoot thanyou dear lady and may i say beautiful too keep writing my dear and i will come back too be kind and be sweet and whose know i may write something like it for you i have done a couple if you go on hello poetry and look for poems by kevin newman the symphoney of love i think you will enjoy very much. i have several blogs oh this is my main one myheartsingspoetry is another and i am the pompey poet is my other feel free to enjoy keep smiling sweeet heart have a lovely day

  1. will you lay on top of me
    will you set my body on fire
    will you passion be my desire

    will kiss me passionately
    share that moment of magic with me

    let you feelings come out to day
    whilst burning embers ignite the flame
    as volcanic eruptions inside play
    and bring your heart to its desire
    as the internal passions breathing away
    the fire of passion in our play
    as the candel burns out the flame

    a sweet kiss good night to you
    i hope my little poem
    you enjoy too

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