Memories of The Guggenheim


When I visited the Guggenheim a few years ago, we were told not to photograph the glass ceiling. They said we could buy a postcard in the gift shop. Me being the rebel I am, took the shot anyway. There was some satisfaction in pulling it off without anyone knowing what I was up to. My Adam Boy knew. He was mortified, andΒ  sure I was going to jail. I assured him I wasn’t going to jail if I was caught. I was creating a memory. Of the glass ceiling, rebellion and my son.

After I took the photograph, I ran up the ramps of the museum. I was morbidly obese at the time, so running wasn’t that easy. I kept up though. I commented on sculptures that looked like copper vaginas and how we could’ve skateboarded down the ramps as we perused the ‘art’.

We tried to lunch there, but it was all gourmet. Our kids wanted McD’s. Hell, Kathy and I did. Yummy french fries with lots of salt. We walked blocks for them. Passed homeless people and gobs of construction.

We arrived at the Golden Arches and I swear, I heard the singing of angels as we opened the doors and walked inside. I was covered in the sweet smell of grease from hot fryers. I took in the scent of burgers and I knew I was home. It was like sex. That smell.

The kids and us chaperones ordered our food on the main level and then wandered up the two flights of stairs to nosh. Oh what sweet heaven those salty fries were. The decadent flavor of that 1.00 burger. Mmmmmmm.

Wandering back to the Guggenheim, I wondered, could I ever fit in here? In the city that never sleeps? No. My home is in a small state shaped like a mitten. No matter how much I dream, my heart belongs here. As does my family, friends, and life. I can’t imagine a better state to be from. I just can’t.

29 thoughts on “Memories of The Guggenheim

    • GO to the Guggenheim, if only to gaze up at the gorgeous light that pours in from the glass ceiling.

      If I’m ever back in NYC I will be sure to look you up.

      Wink, wink.

  1. oh sweet rebellion. the act of defiance when others tell you that you can not do something. If that is the simple definition then I have been a rebel all of my life. I can not sit idely by and accept those words. I will do it just to prove to you and myself that I CAN. No one can hold us back but ourselves. And I have kicked down the door.

    • Loneyheart that is one of the reasons why I love you. You are a rebel, like me. Even a small act of defiance leaves me satisfied. Don’t tell me I can’t do something, because I’ll move Heaven and Earth to prove you wrong. πŸ™‚

      Don’t you love that feeling of abandon???? Sure you do!

      Love, Renee

      • the world has learned to NEVER tell me NO.
        I WILL defy the odds, I will kick your butt even if you are over 6 feet tall, and I will succeed in the face of tragedy. If I were not a survivor I would of left this earth long ago.
        So here is to the defiant ones, may they live long and be the challenge that keeps the world spinning

  2. DAMMIT! Now I’m jonesing for McDonalds fries!
    AND there’s a McD’s RIGHT across the street from my apartment!
    But, I’ve already taken my pants off for the night, and well, you know, the fries will still be there tomorrow I suppose…

    • My sentiments exactly. I’ll have a quarterpounder, small fries and an apple pie, pullease! They give you two for one with the apple pies. I look for that one homeless guy that I like in the neighborhood (I live on the island of Manhattan) to give the second pie to.

    • OMFG I just spit out my coffee! Don’t tell when you take your pants of my brother. Hahahahahah!

      Promise when we meet that I’ll buy you some greasy fries from McD’s. You will have to wear pants in my presence though.


      Love, Sis

  3. I love this line, and how multi-layered it really is: Of the glass ceiling, rebellion and my son.
    I’ve only been to NYC once, and only spent eight hours there, at that — that’s a tale for another day, though. The Countess was in rare form, let me tell you.

  4. Glad you got your shot.
    I am not sure what they could have done if they caught you.
    I suppose they could have made you erase the pic and leave. That’s about the worst of it.

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