Daily Prompt-23 Letters



Renee Michelle Homan Heath

I say my name out loud. What does it mean. Is it me? Does it encompass who I am? No.

I am a Sparkly Girl.

I am a virgin.

I am a whore.

A mother.

I am a Sally.

I’m more Sally than my own name. What is it about her that I identify with? Her undying love for a king? The fact that she’s in pieces? What the hell is it about her?

I am more than my name. Only 23 letters, but their meaning is infinite.

Don’t define me, or try to contain me in those 23 letter. It’s better to let me run free. Try to catch up with me, if you can.

I’m a bombshell.





Then all at once, morose.

A force of nature.

Not to be contained.

Let me go.

Let me fly.

But hold my heart in your hand.

For if you do, then I will love you, too.

My name means selfish.

My name means nothing.

My name is not me.

I am a force of nature and the 23 letters that comprise my name, do not define me.

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt-23 Letters

    • Of course. It happened when I used the C word. Over and over and over. It lost its sting. Now I think it’s a beautiful word for a beautiful body part on a woman.

    • My dear CK,

      Check your email for more info. and thank you, thank you, thank you for the award. I haven’t been very inspiring or inspired lately. I’m sure I will be back at it soon. Give kisses to that girl of yours from me. 🙂

      Sparkly Girl

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