I am a mystery

18 thoughts on “I am a mystery

  1. Hello..You have a great blog here…Keep writing and enjoy…I cant find your about page..Please do it..My suggestion..I think you owned this site from word press..any benefits or advantages ?
    Thanks Cyril

    • The advantage to owning my page is it’s mine. No one else can own the name. I have copyright. Also, when someone googles me, my blog comes up first in the search. It’s only $18.00/year so it’s definitely worth it. What other blogs do you have?

      I’m glad you like my blog. It’s eclectic, as am I. I thought I had an about page. I think it’s my first entry and there’s the information on my gravatar. You’re right though, I do need a bio now that I’m published with Ether Books.

      • Unfortunately, I do not. I have an advertiser too. But still, nothing. It’s okay though, I am honing my craft. And I’ve been published through Etherbooks.com. I’ve also submitted a short story to Narrative Magazine. If it’s published, I get paid. We’ll see. There’s a short story book in this blog of mine. I have to take the time and sift through my entries and get it going.

        What other blogs do you have?

  2. Renee, you own the page. The cost sounds reasonable, but can you still use all the WP things on the page and the layout and such? Is registering the name pretty much it?

  3. Thanks for the point to a wonderful blog. I just subscribed. As always, your presence on the web is greatly appreciated. Thanks for just being wonderful you.

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