The Shy One


Renee, why do the shy ones always become friends with you?

I don’t know Roger Darling, maybe they are hoping some of my Manic Pixie Dream Girl juju will rub off on them.

I met a young woman named Janie, at a pot luck dinner. She was quiet and reserved. Had a dazzling smile. For some reason she gravitated to me, and I to her. We shared our love of animals and children, but never spoke much outside of Facebook or our monthly dinner dates.

One day, out of the blue I received a text from her. She wanted me to take her dress shopping. Seemed she had a wedding to attend and for some strange reason thought I had some kind of fashion sense. Ha! Everything I wear is animal print or purple. No, that’s not true. I tend to wear a shit ton of Jack and Sally garb. Some downright silly socks too.

On a breezy summer day, we met at Marshall’s and milled around the dress section. I kept pulling out brightly colored dresses. Animal prints and form fitting ones too. She kept eyeing me with uncertainty. I told her not to worry, I’d never make her wear something she was uncomfortable in. We headed to the dressing room, our arms weighed down with clothing.

After she tried on about 20 or so different dresses, she found the one. It was zebra print and sparkly. The opposite of anything she’d ever worn before. I would have bought it had she not.

“Are you sure it looks okay?”, she asked me with apprehension in her voice.

“Honey, you look fabulous!”, I exclaimed.

Even without her hair done and makeup on, she looked, beautiful. I was proud of her for being so bold with her clothing.

Tonight, Janie and I head to The Michigan Theater to see Great Big Sea. I’ve already warned her that I tend to get rowdy. I dance and sing. Often talk to random people for no reason. I think that’s why she likes me though, because I bring her out of her shell. Maybe she’ll help me with my brain to mouth filter that seems to be on the fritz all the time.

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