She’ll Lie and Steal and Cheat

You jump, I jump. Remember.-Titanic

I feel sorry for the man that loves me. How strong he has to be. To put up with me. My moods. My sadness. My elation. My impulsiveness. How exhausted he must be. I’m a force of nature. Lightning and thunder. A storm that is unaware of her worth. He tells me of my beauty. Every day. He tells me how important and smart I am, yet I do not believe him. I still flit around like I could give a good God damn.

He stays. Why? Why does this good man stay? How he must get tired of loving an insolent child of 45. A woman that will never be happy. A liar. A wanton woman. Crazy beyond words. A bitch. Stubborn as fuck. But with a heart that loves like no other.

With a caring and calm hand he wipes the hair out of my eyes. He can always calm the storm that dwells within me. The chaos. The light that flits everywhere. Like a demented Tinker Bell.

He centers me. He knows me, this good man. He’ll be here forever. Why, I’ll never know. How lucky I am to have such love. How lucky I am to love him.

31 thoughts on “She’ll Lie and Steal and Cheat

  1. I Don’t Know Him, Ms. Renee, But I Know He’d (likely) Never Do Better Than You. You Always Have My Love, Fo SHO, Dear. You’re An Exceptional Woman. If I Were Straight, I’d (likely) Try To Steal You 😉 You Could Be My Personal MILF! 😀 teehehehe
    I Miss You, Dear. We Shall Speak Soon. We Have Some Catching-Up To Do!

    • Oh my lovely Bradley. How I’ve missed you. I hope your love life is what keeps you away. If you were straight I’d expect you to steal me away. MILF? I like that term. I like Cougar too. RAWR! I’m not exceptional. I’m just a kook with a pen, paper and laptop. I love you sweetheart. I want to come see you this summer. Let’s make plans. Seriously!

    • Thank you my sweet. Lilacs are my favorite. I’ll have to reblog my story about stealing some from city property. It was so much fun. They grow like wild in my yard now. 🙂

  2. Keep reminding yourself how lucky you are, Renee, then things will never get so out of hand you can’t cope. He’s lucky too, and he knows it, so start believing it and you’ll come to yourself in time.

  3. Why did Gelhorn stay with Hemingway for such a long time? To be human is to be animalistic interrupted with flashes of self-control that can only be maintained for so long. Gelhorn liked the animal side of Hemingway as Anais Nin loved the animal Henry MIller. Some men just don’t like gentle petting and soft kisses in the dark, preferring instead the heat and roar of passion and of being alive. Count your blessings. 🙂

  4. Oh this is so about you, and you’re not crazy! At least not the bad kind, you’re more of the “just the right kind of crazy.” Or “just crazy enough”. And guys can really go for that. Trust me, I married a woman like that! 😉

    • It is about me. I’m impulsive and yeah, I’m a little crazy. My friend Harry calls me a manic pixie girl. I do believe he is right. I’m glad to hear you married a woman like that. You’re very brave and very sweet…. ❤

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