Savoring Your Want of Me

bed boy

Tender lips on mine.

My hands caress your sides.

I bestow a bite on the neck.

You return the favor.

I pull you close.

Feel the hardness of your cock pressed against my thigh.

You slide your hands up to my breasts, cup them gently.

Nipples rise at your touch.

Slide your tongue in and out of my mouth.

I catch it gently in my teeth.

You move your hands into my hair, pull lightly.

Keep kissing me as I grab your erection.

You moan your need of me.

I savor your want of me, my want of you.

45 thoughts on “Savoring Your Want of Me

    • Punkin, I want you to know I’ve never read the books, nor will I. I don’t believe in humiliation. A little pain, yes, but never that. Will I continue the little story? Not sure. It’s fun so far though. šŸ˜‰

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