Friday Fictioneers-Ian’s Self Destruction


copyrightLora Mitchell

Maggie came home and found Ian “on the nod”. He looked up at her, but couldn’t focus. The heroin he was on must be good.

“Mags my love,” he murmured.

“Don’t say a fucking word,” she scoffed.

All the happiness she felt before she walked through the door evaporated. Even with the rain, she had been elated. She had picked up groceries to make a sumptuous Easter meal. And a basket of lilies because their aroma reminded her of home. That’s where Maggie should be. With family. Not him. How could she love a man so bent on self destruction?


Genre: Tragic Romance

Special thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for the latest Friday Fictioneers prompt. I had to write about my book characters, Maggie and Ian. I hope you like the story. It’s a bit darker than I’m used to writing. I thought it was appropriate for the prompt though. Have a great weekend my dear readers. Please know I take criticism as well as kudos for my stories. I’m no marshmallow. Bring it on.

67 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers-Ian’s Self Destruction

  1. OK, once more. Your blog dropped my comment. Sigh.

    I hope she finds it in her to leave and get on with her life. I think there are more people in this situation or one like it, than we realize, and they’re wasting so much time. Of course, easier said than done.

    I chuckled at “on the nod”, which I previously have only seen used to describe winning a horse race when a horse wins because it’s reaching forward as it gets to the finish line and therefore its head gets across first.

    Have a lovely weekend,.

    • You’re right about the term on the nod. It is also used to describe someone on heroin. This story is something I hope to turn into a book. I’ve already written the ending and a couple of chapters. Need to find the time to fill in the gaps. need to stop making excuses.

      Can’t wait to read your story.

  2. We never know another’s demons fully. I remember one of my elders who only spoke freely when drunk. And then pretty much forgot what was said. You find out interesting things even if the words are slurred.

    I am having fun writing and reading 100 word wonders. Cheers.

      • I’ve also been playing 100 words outside of the prompt. Plus the two in this week, my own, plus a continuation of one Alastair and I are playing with.

        Time for sleep now…

  3. Great story. Wondering about the tense in the second line of the last paragraph? She’s walked in on Ian then the tense of the second sentence is different from that of the third. “Had been” elated rather than was (?), which to me read as the present tense.
    I loved Ian’s line.

    • I corrected the tense in the second line. You’re right, it was off. Ian’s line was ridiculous. Of course, he was high so what would you expect?

      I appreciate your comment Denmother. Very much.

    • Thank you Sandra. I agree. I’m sure it is something that is repeated in many households.

      I see you’re a published author with Ether Books. Me too! I’m so excited about it.

      Love, Renee

      • Yes, I’ve got a few stories there. Have you got the new android app? So far as I can tell you can’t sort the stories by author, which is a bit disappointing if you find one you like. Maybe I just haven’t gone into it closely enough. I’ll have a look out for yours.

      • I have an iPhone. My story should drop in about a week. It’s a paid download. Maybe because of the subject matter. Hmmmmm. Title is On a Hot Summer Night. I’ll look for your stories. 🙂

  4. Dear Renee,
    To say I enjoyed this piece would be a wrong choice. Better to say I appreciated it. 😉 It seems that Maggie’s just received a harsh dose of reality. Drop the lilies and run, sweetheart. This relationship is on a collision course to ruin. In other words, it will probably make for a good novel.

    • Dear Rochelle,

      Have I told you how much I appreciate your comments? You make me feel like I’m on the right track with this writing thing. 🙂 I’m not sure she’ll drop the lilies and run. That Maggie, she’s a strong one though. She’ll figure out the right answer. I do hope it makes for a good novel. I pray it does.


    • Will she or won’t she? Won’t know till my book is written. Me thinks Maggie is a smart one though. She’ll do what she can for as long as she can. I do believe she will.

  5. Well-written, Renee. You characterize Ian with so few words. The girl as well. And your title is so perfect: she recognizes he is self-destructing, but in choosing to stay with him instead of going home, where (in her own words) she should have been, we see that she is self-destructing as well. There’s a lot of story here.

    • Thanks for your comments. Maggie and Ian are my book characters. I’m hoping that their stories will flow through my fingers and onto paper soon. I pray for it. I appreciate your words so much.

  6. Dear Renee,

    I loved your story. You can see what’s coming.

    Shouldn’t it be ‘Even with the rain, ‘she’ had been elated.’ ?

    Just wondering. Keep up the good work.



    • Dear Doug,

      You’re right, I missed a word didn’t I?

      Thanks for the kind comment. I do appreciate it. And yes, I do believe the story will not end happily.

      Love, Renee

  7. There is a lot of fear there, which makes reading it a real experience. Fear of what he is descending to, why she is just letting it goon – I know,that ol; heart, and fear, too…of catching the self destruction bug, or virus…could happen to any of us…anytime…

    • Hello there my dear,
      These two are the main characters in my novel. That I’m not writing. Grrrrrr. Maggie loves Ian. Ian is a drug addict. He loves Maggie, but loves the drugs more. Who knows what Maggie will do? Well, I know. But I’m not tellin’! Yet.

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