The Passionate Son

The curl

Nothing you would take. Everything you gave. Hold me till I die. Meet you on the other side…..

Raised by false father

Mother lied of lineage

Brought into this world

The Passionate Son

Music was his muse

His outlet

His life

His friend

When alone

Avid surfer

The Ocean

His element

Sand in his toes

As he wrote

Created and

Became a


Rode that wave

Head down

Eyes open

Body strong

Heart burdened

He rode the curl

Tears flowed

For an unknown father

Even after all this time

They still do

Today has been a Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder kind of day. It started with a conversation with my colleague Shari. We discussed what song Eddie wrote especially for us. I won’t tell you what they are. It might be in another post. I talked to Harry for a minute and told him thank you for making me listen to PJ. I never liked them much, till he forced me to succumb to their genius. Now I can’t get enough.

I listen to Eddie’s album Ukelele Songs on a weekly basis. It’s not his voice that I’m drawn to, so much as his words. He’s a passionate soul. I’d like to think if I ever got the chance to meet him, our conversation would be deep. Like the ocean that he loves. That he’s written and still sings about.  Maybe he’d even teach me how to surf. Maybe he’d teach me that a little fear of deep water is nothing compared to riding that curl.

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