The Clink of Glasses


Busy Friday night at the local pub. The patrons are packed in like sardines. Music fills the room, but all that can be discerned by the lovers is the bass beat. There’s conversation, the clink of glasses, and laughter. Tendrils of smoke rise from various locations in the bar. Maggie takes a drag on her smoke and the tip glows a brilliant red. She holds it to Ian’s lips, he takes a pull and blows the smoke above her head. Each take a sip of their drink. Vodka and tonics on a hot summer night. They feel so lucky to have gotten a corner booth.

They snuggle in close and finish their cigarette. Sip their ice cold beverages. Feel the gentle buzz of the alcohol. A blush comes to Maggie’s cheeks as Ian lazily kisses her neck.

“Woman, I could take you right here,” he whispers, “Do you think anyone would know?”

She turns and smiles slyly. “Why don’t you try it and see?”

Ian places his hand on her knee and lets it travel up her thigh. She hikes up her skirt.

“You are a devil, my love. A red-headed devil.”

His hand is underneath her skirt and he finds she doesn’t have on panties. He touches her with no restrictions. Or fear. He is so happy. Maggie touches Ian through his jeans, then unzips them. She traces his rigid cock through the fabric of his boxer briefs. Ian leans his head back and groans. Maggie looks around to see if anyone notices. No need to worry though, it’s so loud in the pub that no one can hear him. She keeps touching. Discovering. He slides two fingers in between her petals. She is wet, open, and ready.

Ian’s thumb finds her clit. Works it in a circular motion. Maggie pushes her lower body into his hand. She wants to feel, all of him. Her hand goes to her mouth to stifle her moans. Her body rocks back and forth. She leans forward and kisses his lips. Their tongues meet and she swears she sees stars. When she begins to ride the crest of her orgasm, she grabs a hold of his shirt. Her cry of pleasure fills his mouth. Ian grins and sucks her tongue.

“Cum for me baby. Cum.”

“I am. Don’t you dare stop those fingers of yours. Don’t you dare.”

He moves them faster and she explodes everywhere. It’s all she can do to keep from screaming. His hands are so gentle but knowing. Her nectar is all over his fingers. He withdraws his hand and places the tips of them to his lips. He sucks the sweetness of her. Then places the fingers in her mouth. They share her taste. The intimacy of the act excites him even more.

Will you fuck me Ian? Right here?
I don’t know if we can pull it off my love.
Try me.
Maggie slides the table forward a couple of inches. She leans up slightly and sits on Ian’s lap. As she nestles in, Ian places his cock inside of her. They move the table back, so Maggie has something to hold onto. He wraps his arms around her waist and they begin to move in tandem. She leans back against Ian’s chest and keeps up with his gentle rocking. He bites her neck. Leaves his mark. Calls her his whore. She smiles, because she knows she is. She feels no shame in it.
They move faster. Enjoying the moment. Their eyes dart around the bar to see if anyone know what they’re doing. The patrons don’t have a clue. It’s dark, smoky, and the music is still playing. Maggie and Ian keep fucking. She holds on to the table and their drinks slosh with their movement. It makes her giggle, but they don’t stop. Let the drinks spill. Let them.
Cum for me Maggie.
Make me, Ian. Make. Me. Cum.
He tells her to lean forward and she does. It’s then she feels her orgasm begin. Ian fingers her pretty pearl. With his fingers and cock he brings her to the edge and she falls over it. She puts her hand to her mouth to stifle the cry of pleasure. Plants her feet on the floor and pushes her pussy down onto him. His cock hardens even more.
Baby I am so damn close.

Please, cum inside of me. Empty yourself into me.


Maggie reaches down to feel Ian’s hand. To touch him. She caresses his balls and finds that they are tightening up. He pushes as hard as he can into her. Moving faster he begins to moan. Maggie looks around, they are still being completely ignored by the crowd. He pulls her against him and his body stills. The only thing she feels is the twitching of his cock inside of her. He fills her. Why she likes it so much, she has no idea.

As Ian’s dick softens and falls out of her, they catch their breath. Maggie doesn’t want to move. She wants to stay where they are. Even in the middle of a crowded bar she wants to bask in the afterglow. She shifts forward and puts his underwear back in place. Then turns sideways and lowers her skirt. She continues to sit on his lap. Leans forward and grabs his drink for him. He tastes it. It’s warm and wet. Like Maggie. But he drinks it anyway. With her still on his lap, he waves over a waitress and orders them another round. As she walks away, Maggie leans her head on Ian’s chest. She catches the aroma of their coupling. He brushes her forehead with a gentle kiss.

“I love you girl.”

“Love you too baby.”

Their next round of drinks are delivered. They clink glasses in a silent toast and drink in the coolness of the vodka with lime and tonic.

39 thoughts on “The Clink of Glasses

  1. I love it but I don’t know whether you intended it or not the vision I had was of a 70’s type scene I think it was to be with the idea of smoking in the pub/bar I know it is something that has only been banned here in the UK a few years but it seems like forever

    • We can’t smoke in bars here in the states either. It was kind of a nostalgic look back to when we could. Can’t you just smell the smoke? Hear the patrons chatting and laughing. See the couple in the corner???

      Love, Renee

      • Sorry for being such a party-line but I am happy to know we can still smoke in bars, clubs and pubs here in Manila! hahaha

        I am thinking that it can be possibly done. However, too sad that I am not that adventurous!

      • Hahahaha! I just might! Everyone I go to bars with, love to look at me though because I don’t easily get attracted to men. It’s as if they don’t exist! I need to study how to feeeeel attracted to someone first! hahaha

  2. Oh you and your petals!

    If that was me, I’d probably start by teasing me and him by rubbing my bare pussy on his covered thigh until he can feel the wetness! hahaha

    You also had me reading up to the very end!

    • Oh my darling you know I love petals. It’s one of my favorite words. It was whispered in the ear of a great love. It has to come out in my writing. And yes, rubbing bare pussy on a covered thigh does the trick every time. Giggle.

      Love, Nee

  3. Renee your words are sizzling….may I say though, so what if any one of us tried…so what if seen I mean..people from where I am from might glance but would not stare, and would not say anything. Hopefully not a silly bar owner though.
    Great scene. I will honestly tell you, I started reading thinking, ‘she ain’t going to get to me this time…!’ famous last words of course, your writing is just…well..too powerful

    • Yerpirate your words humble me. I’m glad they get to you. I think it’ll be a scene in my book. Maggie and Ian need to have their story told. Much love to you my dear friend.

      Love, Renee

  4. Jesus Christ! That was like a lovely fantasy that suddenly came true right here on my computer screen. I need a paper bag to breath into. Fuck, call me an ambulance!


    • Oh Dawn my love, those are the sweetest word ever uttered on my page. I’m so glad you liked it. It was so fun to write. Get some oxygen, because I’m hoping I have more stories like that in me.

      Love, Renee

  5. Only one edit Renee if I may she had no panties to start but put them on after? I loved it and YOU KNOW how much you helped me with that problem and I did this on a plane at 35000 feet on my way to Phoenix one night with the director of the Make a Wish Foundation. we got away with it except the flight attendant who brought us a blanket before and a HOT towel for her after. What a flight! LOVE your writing Renee. I would take the risk for a woman with the courage, if she wants.

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