Tunesday-Deep Cuts ;-)

Heard this on the radio on my snowy drive into work this morning. It put an instant smile on my face. Some of my readers may know why. It was the first song played at my wedding reception by the band that we hired. Yes, we had a band, not a DJ.

I remember my silly and drunk friends sat in the corner of the reception hall. They scrawled the words, ‘play Led Zeppelin’ on Chinet dinner plates and held them over their heads. Little did they know that the band we hired would do just. With that song, the party started and went on into the wee hours. The alcohol flowed and the dance floor was always full. Roger Darling got drunk and showed me his underwear. I hiked my dress up and showed him my ass. I drove us home that night. He was hammered, sitting in the front seat with his feet hanging out of the open window. The night was balmy. The smoke from our cigarettes wafted in the breeze created  by the cross draft.

We married on Memorial Day weekend. Our parents were concerned that attendance at the party would be light. 550 people came to celebrate. I guess they needn’t have worried.

This one takes me back to when I was a 13. Sitting with Andrea in her living room and getting high. Hey, I started early. I was wild and unsupervised. I’m still wild. Still unsupervised. I don’t get high though. That part of my life is over.

Andrea came back to me this year. After 30 years, we found each other. She gives me shelter. I do the same for her.

Hmmmm, what is the explanation I should give for this song? Rob and Lionel singing Brick House. I don’t think I need to say a thing. Go and get your groove on.

Happy Tunesday Lovies.

10 thoughts on “Tunesday-Deep Cuts ;-)

  1. Very cool blog. Led Zeppelin kicked off my wedding as well so i related to that very much. Loved the way you took me back to places in my life while remembering the places in yours, very well done.

    • Thank you my dear. I’m glad I could take you back. And I’m glad I could make you see my memories too. There’s nothing like rocking out to some Led to make your day is there?

      Love, Renee

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