Tecumseh is Pure Michigan


If you’ve ever wondered where this crazy girl hails from, I tell you now it is the beautiful state of Michigan. I was conceived in Lansing and born in the D. I was adopted by parents that lived in Niles. We moved to Brighton because Daddy was a Michigan State Trooper. A Boy in Blue. A cop. Unfortunately, my parents got divorced when I was three years old. We moved to New Hudson. From there to Ann Arbor. Then we settled in our first purchased home in Pinckney. We lived in the country. A few miles from Half Moon Lake. A couple years later, we went back to Ann Arbor. I was an a young teen when we lived there. I still think of it as home. I was becoming a juvenile delinquent though so Mom moved me and Sis to Saline. It was about 20 miles from Ann Arbor. It was not my favorite place. I never fit in, but I did find some good friends. I still talk to some of them today.

When Roger Darling and I got married we settled in Tecumseh. It’s a quiet little town. Beautiful. I told Rog when the kids started school we weren’t moving. I did that too much as a kid. He agreed. He had lived in the same house in Milan until he moved out when he was 18 years old. We bought an old home. Built in the 1800’s. We were insane! We’ve done so much work to it. I don’t think we’ll ever be done renovating it. Ugh! I’ve begged Rog to move to Ann Arbor. I work at the University of Michigan. I love the vibe of the city. There is always something to do. We’d only need one vehicle. We could have a newer condo. Of course with the market the way it is it won’t be easy to sell our home. We’ll wait for a few more years till we put it on the market.

Our kids went to Tecumseh Public Schools till they graduated. They got the hell out and moved closer to their colleges. They come home, but they’re glad to leave. They go back to the big cities they live in. Our kids did have more opportunity living in a small community. I’m proud of their accomplishments. It’s helped them in their college careers. I envy them though. I wish to wake up in the morning and be in a condo in Ann Arbor. To be back at home. Where some of my best memories of growing up were created.

Of course then my friend Emily posts this video of our quaint little town. I forget sometimes how special the place is. It’s a good place to live. To raise your children. To be a part of the community. I’ll be sad when we leave it behind.

18 thoughts on “Tecumseh is Pure Michigan

  1. Quaint..! A lovely video of a beautiful place…!
    I grew up in Sydney, and now live 2 hours north in a semi-regional area. I love it here, Renee. It’s much cozier and quieter. However, we travel to Sydney (at the moment) once weekly. Even though it’s lovely to go there; it’s even lovelier to return.. Having the best of ‘both worlds’ is a pretty good place to be…! πŸ˜‰
    I really enjoyed reading about you and your journey… Your home sounds wonderful; although I understand the ‘ugg’ about renovating..! πŸ™‚

    • It is a beautiful place that’s for sure. I’m glad we raised our kids here. I hope we get to move to Ann Arbor, but if we don’t that’s okay too. Life will take us where it will. We just need to enjoy the ride.

      I hope someday to visit Sydney. I want so badly to publish a book. Or somehow become independently wealthy so I can travel everywhere.

      Love, Renee

    • Oh yes, I was a juvenile delinquent. Don’t you know all cop’s children are? The same with preacher’s children. πŸ™‚

      Fortunately when we moved I didn’t get in as much trouble. Well, I did. But I never got caught. Giggle.

      Love, Renee

  2. Renee, I loved reading more about you…I’d love to hear so much more. You’re so full of life, so curious and filled with adventurous thoughts and yearnings. I went and looked at another video of Tecumseh, some lady did a home video about her house. The area is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing a piece of you!

  3. Your lovely profile leaves unsaid just what it would take to transform Tecumseh into a more satisfying/fulfilling hometown. Maybe it’s like that quest for the ideal spouse, where your paper checklist often fails to include that mysterious something you’re really desiring.
    For perspective, I’m finding my small city of 30,000 a good fit, in part because of a turnaround over the past three decades led by some local visionaries. But it helps that we live just a little more than an hour northeast of Boston in addition to being about 15 minutes from the major state university.

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