It Ain’t so Funny Being a Funny Girl…


Did you hear that?
Yeah, the guy said
Honey, you’re a funny girl.
That’s me
I just keep them in stitches
Doubled in half,
And though I may be all wrong for a guy,
Im good for a laugh,
I guess it’s not funny,
Life is far from sunny,
When the laugh is over
And the jokes on you,
A girl oughta have a sense of humor
That’s one thing you really need for sure
When you’re a funny girl
The fella said a funny girl
How it aint so funny,
Funny girl

31 thoughts on “It Ain’t so Funny Being a Funny Girl…

    • Fabulous all the way around isn’t it Stu? I so identify with her character. I figure if you can’t be stunningly gorgeous, you might as well be pretty with a good sense of humor.

      Hope all is well with you my sweet friend.

      Love, Renee

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