The best revenge


14 thoughts on “The best revenge

      • This helped me a lot because I was struggling with rage against Anthony’s brother (who is a prick anyway) who didn’t bother to ring him on Christmas day and this hurt Anthony terribly. I emailed the daughter to ask her to ask John but she won’t reply then I got Ming to ring John and tell him off. I was feeling so miserable until I saw your post because this family loathes me and obviously wants to get back at me by hurting Ants – now I will fight with happiness! Sorry this is so garbled!

      • Don’t be sorry honey. Bring on the dysfunction and I will try to sort it out. Just be good to your partner. Let him know he is loved. That’s all that’s important. Right? Right. Take care honey. Know that you can’t change what others do. We can only work on how we are. Love your partner. That’s all you can do.

  1. Hi Renee,
    hope you had a great christmas and a fabulous New Year and that nest year is so so much better than this one.
    It’s been great meeting and reading you, and I look forward to another year of proper interesting stuff 🙂
    Have a good one sparkly,
    lots of love n hugs

    • Good day my sweet Sea Dog. My Christmas was pretty darn good. My kids and their partners were home, along with a grand dog. It was crazy, busy, and chaotic. Just the way I like things. Roger called me a Ding Dong Bat Hole for doing something silly and we laughed so hard we cried. I hope your day was wonderful too, and you and your wife had a good one. I hope you are feeling better too. This silly sparkly girl is working on her book this week. An excerpt of it can be read on my blog. It’s called Chasing Dragons. It’s a rough draft. It’s pretty raw. I think it’s a good story though. 🙂 Take care my sweet and keep reading.

      Hugs and love, Renee

  2. Christmas was a quiet affair for us Renee,at my sisters house, until my brother showed up with his 2 children, a boy aged 9 and a girl aged 6 9 going on 30!, then 16 of us sat round a massive table with turkey and pork and all the trimmings with copious amounts of drinksof all varities flowing around.
    My mum used to compain all the time over christmas that she was tired and fed up, but I think secretly she used ot love it chaotic too!
    I’m still getting there healthwise, but nowhere near as bad as I was 2 weeks ago, fingers crossed though.
    I haven’t got that far yet Renee 🙂 becasue of the childreny activities over christmas I could really get online, so I’m working my way backwards ( again) so I’ll have a look at Dragons as soon as possible. 🙂
    Good luck with your book, have you managed to find a publisher for it already?
    That’s good going if you have!
    Dont work too hard Renee, spare a little time for Roger and the rest of the family :-D, and I’ll certainly keep reading.. it;s the law!!
    love n hugs

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