Don’t have a lot of time to write today. But I wanted to say thank you for the support. I’m at 502 followers as of today. I’m shocked. I’m elated. I’m ecstatic and I have so much more I could say. I will, I promise. Today I’m off to watch our mighty UM Wolverines kick some ass. Much love, hugs and kisses to you all.

I’m working on a story and a video for my next entry. Have a lovely Saturday!

20 thoughts on “502 FOLLOWERS!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  1. CONGRATS sweetie, good see that more people are gathering to your words of wisdom (hmm..) or maybe it’s the hot storys you’re putting out so could mean you got 502 pervos following you 😀

      • I think that sounds perfect actually. You know my dear I never thought I’d post anything erotic. NEVER. But I’ve found I’m getting quite good at writing it. I read it to Roger Darling and he wasn’t to enthused. Ah well, I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. I think he’ll just have to deal with it. Giggle.

  2. i have a rule about following/followers. if someone follows me, then i follow them because it feels like the right thing to do. i know people who rush to the freshly pressed page every day, click “like” on each post, leave a comment, and then follow those people. i think they do it in order to get more views/followers for themselves.

    do you have any rules, guidelines, or practices regarding following/followers?

    • You know Rich I do NOT go to the Freshly Pressed page. Because I know I will NEVER be Freshly Pressed. I say the word fuck too much. Giggle. My interests run the gamut. I follow who follows me. I find I get new ones every day. I’m up to 520 as of this morning. I will follow them back because they follow me. I try to tag my writing so that photographers, erotic writers, poets, comedic writers, women, men, musicians, hell, everyone can find something to like to read on my page.

      Doesn’t make sense, but then neither do I. Wink, wink.

      • took me a while to learn how to use the tag thing. for years i was using the category thing instead and didn’t realize about the tags. once i did, i got a lot more views and comments.

      • did you know that there’s a limit to how many and then something happens. i forget what though. like if you have 25 or more then something happens to your post, like it becomes spam or something. or it gets removed from being seen in those tag things if someone searches that tag word

      • getting ready for a 1 1/2 hour drive up to my sister’s house up near NY. used to be able to see the world trade centers from her street until they came down. cemetery up the street is where my mother is buried and also joey ramone. but you’re too young to know who he is. 😉

      • Excuse me!!! I am punker from back in the day. I KNOW who Joey Ramone is!!!!! Hahahahahahhaa!

        Safe travels. Eat lots of turkey. Your sentence about seeing the WTC breaks my heart. Still.

        Happy Thanksgiving my sweet Rich.

      • we watched the buildings burn that day. there was a 5-mile inaccessible perimeter around the city, and the five miles was right at the cemetery, so the traffic was unbelieveable as well as the helicopters. also, our brother worked in one of the buildings but was not in the building that day. his office would occasionally send him to other locations, in nearby cities, and that day he was across the river in jersey city. he was making good money working for paine-webber but resigned and didn’t go back.

      • I can’t imagine what you felt when you watched them burn and then implode. You were helpless. I’m glad your brother was okay and I can understand him never going back. I wouldn’t have either. Our local stations at that time were based in NYC so we saw it all. Every bit of it. Still brings me to tears. Still.

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