Girl of Colours

She was a Girl of Colours

Darkness and Light too

She was Beauty and Ugliness

Death and Life

Brilliant yet Tarnished

Fire and Water, her elements

She was Everything yet she was Nothing

She was a Woman of Substance that became a Ghost

Even before her Demise she had become an Apparition

18 thoughts on “Girl of Colours

    • Yaz thank you for your comment. You don’t know how much that means to me. Promise I’ll work on the book. Promise. I can’t wait for vacation in December. I’ve the feeling the words and emotions will pour out of me…..

  1. I agree with Yaz Renee, apart from kicking your butt that is, writing this at a stop light…impressive!!
    Spookilly sad too, great post 🙂
    Did you have the picture already stashed ready, or did you source it after?
    Either way it goes great with your post.

    Hope all is ok with you Sparkly,
    love n hugs

    • Hey there my dear Seadog. I found the picture after the words were written. The song is what came first. I heard it on a drive to my favorite city on Sunday morning. As I waited at the stoplight the words came. I wrote them in my trusty notebook for later. Even though the song was sad, I smiled at the words I’d written. For you see, the she is, me.

      • Hey sparkly, there’s no way that girl could be you. You are one of most vivacious people i’ve ever met in both worlds.
        However i do remember your post about an introverted extrovert…..which makes this such a sad entry.
        Dont think of yourself as a ghost or having no substance, you are so much more than that…you are reaching out, making your mark on this world, ghosts cant do that 🙂

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