Friday Fictioneers-Echos Down Corridors

Special thanks to Rochelle for the lovely prompt. I’ve never done this before, so be gentle. By the way, I love the fact that Rochelle loves purple. Purple is my favorite. 100 words exactly. Woohoo!!!

They were perfect in the glimmer of the summer sun. It changed when the leaves began to fall. He left her here. Alone. She wonders whatever possessed her to move here. To give up her other life. For him. In this lake house his presence is everywhere, though he is nowhere to be seen. Only his ghost lingers. His words, lies, and empty promises. In the cobwebs and dust that she feels no desire to remove. Β In empty corridors, she can hear the echo of his voice. In an empty bed they used to share, she clings to his pillow.

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