To Smile is to Awaken

I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite-Buddy the Elf

(I included a photo of Judy Garland because of the music link at the end)

This  morning I was heading down South University Avenue to grab a coffee at my favorite Starbucks Coffee shop. They know me there. By name. I love that. They love that I always tip. No matter how much or little I spend there. My order is always the same. Venti dark roast (preferably Komodo Dragon Blend), five pumps of caramel, two Sweet and Low and room for cream. I have a Gold Card so I always get my syrup for free.

As I walked down the street, I smiled. A genuine one. I’ve been told that smiling is infectious. I found that to be true today. Each person that I came in contact with, either smiled back or said hello. It gladdened my heart and made my smile broader. It’s simple really, to smile. I found that the more I’ve smiled today, the more positive I’ve become.

Life hasn’t been easy these last few months. With injuries to my body, mind and heart. Day by day life gets easier. If not easier, better. I’ve learned that I can’t change those around me. That I must change. My attitude, my mind, my heart, my life. For if I do that, my positivity projects to all of those around me. What better way to start that process than with a warm smile, a kind word, and a genuine interest in what someone is saying to you?

This week, Sexy Soul Star, one of my favorite bloggers asked the question are you a “Waker” on their FB page. Meaning do you have the gift of waking those out of their metaphorical slumber. Below is what I posted on the Sexy Soul Star Facebook fan page. Please check the blog and the FB page out. Such beautiful photos and powerful words come from this fantastic man.

I do believe I am one of these “Wakers”. I’m not trying to sound arrogant or anything. But I feel the urge to help people whenever I can. I speak the truth, give support and nurture. It’s what I was born to do. One of my daughter’s dear friends came to me recently and told me that I helped save her life. That she was close to suicide and then read one of my blog entries. Told me it changed her life. I’ve never felt so helpless and helpful at the same time. I guess that’s why I tell my story on wordpress. To change one life with my words, means that I’m a success. 

My friends even if you can not find the words to convey your feelings, at least smile. For even to smile is to awaken. Yourself and those around you.

13 thoughts on “To Smile is to Awaken

  1. Great post! Love the smiles, the encouragement, Judy Garland, and of course, this song. 🙂 We just heard Tony Bennett in concert a few weeks ago and he ended with this song. But somehow….it made me sad….but in a happy way. ♥

  2. I really liked this Renee. Your optimism comes through and like your smile it is indeed infectious. The world is so wounded these days. Yes, we must make more of an effort to heal it with gentleness and understanding. I’m so sorry you’re hurting and I admire how you’re dealing with it.

    • Honey we are all hurting in some way. I think we as writers, the passionate ones feel more. We hurt more. Not just for ourselves, but for others. We also try to help more. It is our blessing and our curse. Because when we help others, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

  3. I totally agree! It’s amazing how much smiling at strangers can invite a smile back – and suddenly people don’t feel so much like strangers! I always try to put on my biggest smiles for people at the grocery store when they’re running around looking harried at the end of a work day. Good for you, Renee!

    (Also, I love Elf, and can’t wait for it to get closer to winter so I have an excuse to pull it out and watch it this year – and Smile is my go-to song to sing in the shower :P)

    • Love your comments Andrea. Oh honey I watch Elf every chance I get. Same with It’s a Wonderful Life. Jimmy Stewart. Sigh.

      Smiling will always be my favorite. And French kissing. Hahahahahahahha!

  4. Every once in a while I come across people like you who can just smile and make me feel good. Of course being a guy, i also instantly have a crush on the women who do this! But I always feel good afterwards. But for some reason its just not in me to be the instigator with the smiles. Its not that I am an un happy person or that i dont like to smile, it just doesnt come as naturally to me as it does to others. Just gotta love the the person who can smile and their whole face lights up and causes everyone around them to feel good.

    • Oh kind sir you make me blush. Please know that your smile can change a life. Even if the life it changes is your own. Even in my unhappiness I smile. It mends my heart a little when I do. Thank you so much for your kind comment. You’ve no idea how I needed to read it today.


      Love, Renee

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